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  1. Blockchain is US-based i guess, I can't cash in from the philippines..
  2. @Edward, can we venture to make a good coin wallet based here in the philippines, to make a good competition against coins.ph? Is that a good idea for you?
  3. Is that legit? Then, where do you invest now?
  4. Update us if you reach your goal! We'll be glad to hear that happen
  5. This is interesting. Buying snacks with cryptocurrency which will probably increase the time to take when ordering... FUCK!
  6. Anyone who can recommend a btc wallet other than coins.ph, this fucking wallet is asking about 0.00175984 for the fees, this will cost me about 400php to send btc to my trading platform. I need a wallet where I can also but bitcoins thru bank transfer within the philippines. You may teach me how to fund by trading accounts without incurring too much transaction fees.
  7. ohhhh men! movie clip. lol
  8. Life is life, money is money. There is a huge difference between these two. And as for me, Life is better than money!
  9. Still don't receive it @ravenyvolle have you received any?
  10. Good to hear that! Very true! Agree to this!