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  1. Ty glad to see someone remembers , motherboard, cpu, ssd, already arived, i had the case and psu , waiting for the ram and graphics card
  2. I ment you 3 , how did you get from that i forgot Yash ? Only You , Yash and Oleg who did you think i ment by 3 ?
  3. Yes i know but there are many others i don't
  4. In the next giveaway i will use random .org to draw 20 winners for 50k each, a total prize pool of 1 mil sat. Previous winners are already entered to the list, new ones just post your pd name in a comment. Will draw live on twitch in 5 days. You will have to be online to get the prize. I will update this post with the list of users who entered and my twitch id, or with the streamer i agree with if i don't get my new pc up and running. No need to post twitch username here , i will call out the list online before the draw just to make sure that no more than one viewer would claim the same pd name P.S. Update1 there will also be a blacklist just because
  5. I am not telling you that To bad that you interpret it that way Why havent you done it before ? I am just stating the facts.
  6. Ok thank you won't make any more maybe will do some memes since all the forum is hyped about
  7. Also a better suggestion would be to disable the highest reputation on the giveaway topics. Ofcourse everybody likes them and will give thumbs up but i don't think the person with the most giveaways should be considered top member with popular content. Since i started doing giveaways and got likes many just copied me see Raven, Bes and now Carol also. I find it unfair that my posts with quality content go unnoticed while i get many likes on the :
  8. They are both improvement so both are equally good they resprond to the same problem. Read this : And also this :
  9. BTW when you mean there are currently 5 you may be mistaken , or is it just me ? I give 10 likes daily you can see just now i hit 10.
  10. i don't know if its just me but last few days it doesn't appear at all for me , i use chrome browser
  11. Nice kid , good choice for spending wish all your family the best and good luck to you winning some more
  12. I didn't understand anything except that you are thankful for moderators and no hate just love, but maybe others can read your mind. Good luck
  13. Wouldn't that be like buying votes for bits ? I am sure someone will have a topic "vote for me ill send your bits back" :)))))))))))))) good luck with that
  14. 3mily

    Best colour

    I like green but tend to wear more black
  15. To dive even more deeper we first need to see what is the Block size debate, all are talking about? The transactions in Bitcoin network are added to the Blockchain via blocks. Each block holds a fixed number of transactions. Let’s say a block can be only 1MB (1,000,000 Bytes) in size, and the average transaction is 500 Bytes, so on average each block will be able to hold around 2000 transactions. The issue is that since blocks are created on average every 15 minutes or so, it means that in one hour they need to confirm an average of 12000 transactions. Try to compare this to debit/credit card payments companies that confirm around 2500 transactions every second and then you will see why Bitcoin network is considered so slow on confirmations. The question is how to process more transactions in a given period of time. Two camps have formed around this issue with two different solutions. Hope this will help to understand why the debate is all over the news.
  16. Maybe you can detail some like power consumption costs and possible gain here in the forum i think it will get more people excited about and going to that link you provided. Thank you for the info Also mentioning a few GPU and hardware specs and tag for them will attract many more outside the forum so i recommend using the opportunity this forum provides
  17. Ok edited the original post back to english, i hope it stays that way I still did not found who did it shame on him or her
  18. Another update that was asked for :
  19. There you have it feel free to ask more questions.
  20. Will make a post about the pros and cons
  21. I could be wrong but id shows : BET #17,607,908,443 Placed by overseer on June, 24th, 2017 at 18:34
  22. I am pretty sure that you heard about bitcoin core vs bitcoin unlimited, right ? On one side you have developers in north america called bitcoin core a big company with many developers who rasied millions of dollars and they have worked on their own proposal to make the bitcoin protocol better, more scalabe and faster, and on the other side there are people in asia doing the same thing called bitcoin unlimited protocol. Who's side are you on ?
  23. Th next giveaway will be random org. previous winners enter without any other requirements, new users will have to roll some. I will post it on monday
  24. First of all anyone who wants to enter this debate show of hands if you know the difference between read this : http://www.coindesk.com/ethereum-classic-explained-blockchain/ and after get back here with arguments why is or is not a real threat to Bitcoin i love this stuff @JstLikeMagyk this is some quality post, would love to have more users involved