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    rembo2 got a reaction from CaptainLorca in What kind of training do you prefer?   
    I'm doing swimming, I like it and relaxes from fatigue and keeps me in shape.
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    rembo2 reacted to CaptainLorca in What kind of training do you prefer?   
    Hey fellas. I just know that this topic is controversial for a lot of people.
    I was signed to a gym for a long time. Built my body up blablabla. Then I had a pericarditis (inflammation of the pericardium) which made me quit on gym and handball for a half year. Guess what, got fatter :D!
    Whatever. Rejoin the damn gym and handball. Well.. I got replaced at the Handball-Team and.. with my sportsplayer attitude I quitted on that team :D.. arrogant. So.. I never really got back into that gym stuff. It was weird. It was suddenly different for me.
    (this happened 10 years ago)
    Because of that I haven’t done any kind of sport, which had a terrible effect on my body. Got a steady fatter body. Not FAT.. just a little more than slim or athletic. I lived with that for a loooooooong time.
    I’m okay with that. I don’t judge other people how they look like, so it never bothered me about my own body (in fact: I judge people who are obviously obese and stating that this would be healty – come on…WTF?!).
    Then, one day, a colleague told me about the “Freeletics” app. I Tried that out. Afer the first workout, I thought I would die (imagine you haven’t done sports in years).. so I did it for a while and registered to the gym again. Did my workout shit and so on and began to be unhappy with too much muscles. I prefer a normal body, more athletic. The result was that I quitted again and started with free training again. Running, using your body.. increase the endurance of the muscles. Still doin and I’m absolutely happy with that! I wish I would have begun earlier with it.
    I still hate stairs.
    What I see in gyms is people who dunno the routine of a particular exercise.. its more about having fast big muscles and also goin on Friday evening to get a “discopump”.
    I also saw some people doin free training while running.. doin that wrong sometimes too. (Pro tip: don’t recommend to do it in another way, the people get angry af – I’d be happy if someone knows it better and hints me out!)
    For me is the routine in an exercise extreme important. And it makes me wonder that a lot of people call themselves sportsgods and have an attitude like they know best.
    What kind of training do you prefer? Gym (freeweights.. machines?) or Freetraining (using your body) or something complete different?
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    rembo2 got a reaction from nytewind in Just re-lived the final scene in rounders   
    Good game. I also want to try myself in this game.
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    rembo2 got a reaction from CaptainLorca in Using BitPay invoice on any wallet   
    Thanks for your recommendations.
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    rembo2 reacted to CaptainLorca in Using BitPay invoice on any wallet   
    Hey fellas,
    I faced the problem with the BitPay invoice. The recommend different wallets on their site: https://bitpay.com/pay-with-bitcoin
    When you paying with bitpay and you don't use such a wallet.. there is a little workaround I just found on Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2642207.msg29154496#msg29154496
    When you use bitpay, you usually getting an address like this: bitcoin:?r=https://bitpay.com/i/ORDER-ID
    That doesn't work with the most wallets. Didn't work with mine (blockchain).
    So, the post on Bitcointalk says that you use following trick:
    You have your BitPay address bitcoin:?r=https://bitpay.com/i/ORDER-ID
    And you use that ID on this https://bitpay.com/invoice-noscript?id=
    Which would look like this then: https://bitpay.com/invoice-noscript?id=ODER-ID
    That opens following window:

    It looks that way, bc I already paid it. But when the invoice is not paid.. you'll get the Wallet-Adress where you have to send the given amount (also displayed at that page).
    Don't fuck this up! The amount that is given there, is the pay-amount! You still need to add the transaction-fee on yourself!
    Also... doing this is on your own risk! The best would be to use a wallet they recommend!
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    rembo2 got a reaction from CryptoDadlol in Bitcorns, the Farmville of the blockchain ?   
    This is the ingenious course of scammers.
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    rembo2 reacted to Zoltan in Is Bitcoin Dying?   
    Some people have a good instinct and they earn a lot on these days, but yeah, it is really risky, lately it is more volatile than usual.
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    rembo2 reacted to CaptainLorca in Funny stories when you were high af   
    Yo guys!
    I’m sure that a lot of you fellas did something illegal.. like taking drugs! I’m curious about the stories you experienced while being high!
    To start off, I have two stories from me, when I was high on weed:
    1) Well. The most times I didn’t really took a notice when I was “high”.  The first time I thought I see everything in slo-mo and I were just smiling.
    I remember when the cup of a friend flipped and the cola slowly went its way over the table.. hitting right at her secret parts, as soon as it would drip down the table :D.. I had to laugh hysterically. That made me look pretty dumb. But in the end the cola hitted her secret part then xD.
    That’s almost everything I remember from it. That part amazed me so much.. dunno why actually.
    2) The second story was.. the last time I actively smoked weed. I was at a small sea with a colleague, who smokes weed everyday. So he took the roll out and gave it me.. bad idea! So.. he takes it back and then his wife shew up.. so we needed to take it off. But it was already too late for me.
    So she sat down with us.. and I began to sweat. The cold sweat you know. I wasn’t able to talk… I couldn’t answer her xD.
    I remember my colleague saying that I’m shy af. The next thing that happened was that my limbs got heavy as if they were full of plumb.
    Magically I was able to stand up and going down to the sea and I put my feet in it… dunno how long I was staying like that in the sea. Suddenly my colleague came and told me to “enjoy the moment” blablabla. The usual stuff.
    The next thing I remember was that I fell asleep in the sun and got a terrible sunburn.
    I can say I underestimated the roll of my colleague (I haven't smoked weed every day. Just every now and then).
    So… what are your stories? Confession time!
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    rembo2 reacted to Mistletoe in The fall in prices for crypto currency   
    this is the time weve been waiting for. itss the perfect time to invest. and triple your money by december
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    rembo2 reacted to bakha1988 in The fall in prices for crypto currency   
    Big opportunities i missed for sell and rebuy coins.
    Every time i think thats all not going down more 
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    rembo2 reacted to dmbadillo10 in The fall in prices for crypto currency   
    This is happening as projected.
    The experts (as google news says) even projected BTC to drop at 6k.
    But then, BTC is always dancing crazy. I have a good feeling that it will sky rocket on the next coming weeks.
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    rembo2 reacted to annelalaine in The fall in prices for crypto currency   
    bitcoing going down and down. !
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    rembo2 reacted to Dboyeric in The fall in prices for crypto currency   
    cryptocurrencies are going through some difficulty at the moment, but am sure it will survive the difficulty
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    rembo2 got a reaction from mylife7777 in hello   
    Hi Eric
    I am glad to welcome you on the forum PrimeDice. Good luck and have fun.
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    rembo2 got a reaction from Mistletoe in The fall in prices for crypto currency   
    Not the first day I see a drop in prices for almost all of the Crypto-currencies.

    What is the reason for this?  Your actions: sell or buy?  How long will this last?
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    rembo2 got a reaction from chaitanya in Bad News Guys By Finance Minister Of India   
    And India is there too. Why does everyone try to prohibit or restrict the use of crypto currency? Thanks to them, people can at least make money and not be poor.
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    rembo2 got a reaction from dmbadillo10 in The fall in prices for crypto currency   
    Not the first day I see a drop in prices for almost all of the Crypto-currencies.

    What is the reason for this?  Your actions: sell or buy?  How long will this last?
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    rembo2 reacted to lupandina in The fall in prices for crypto currency   
    I have some feeling, that it's temporary. I will just wait for some time, maybe buy some altcoins for long term, like NEO or NEM.
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    rembo2 reacted to MateuszHDHR1 in The best technique.   
    All in.
    That's right, this is the best strategy that u will be able to use on dice (and other) games with house edge.
    Why? Because all you do is 1 bet, you play against 1% edge only 1 time, you just need to find a payout that will satisfy you and bet, that's it.
    Couple of days ago I was 99% sure that martingaling gives you the same chances to double your starting capital as 2x all in, I couldn't been more wrong.
    I asked a friend to write me a simulation where 10000 people comes to a casino with 100$ and with goal to make 200$ on roulette game.
    With 1 bet on black/red you have 50 - (house edge which is like 1-2% with 1 green) % of chances.
    But what with martingale? My friend wrote a simply system where all of this 10000 people were betting 0.25$ and doubling it at lose till they bust or reach another 100$.
    I expected the results to be around 48-49% of people to get that 200$, but the final outcome was:
    5900-6100 people lost all, and 3900-4100 got to 200$. I restarted this simulation a few times and the results were the same.
    That means by setting this martingale you have ALOT lower chances to double your capital.
    Why is that? My conclusion is that the more bets you need to win the less chances you have, I changed simulation to: 500$ base capital, 0.25$ base bet as it was, and stop at 1000$.
    The results changed to around 37% wins and 63% loses.
    So basically if u think that "If i had a bitcoin I could run strategy for ages and never lose" then you are totally wrong, cuz chances to double your starting capital are small.
    I didn't tested other payouts but I'm pretty sure that payout doesn't matter, you martingale, you do more bets, you have lower chances to win.
    Any comments?
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    rembo2 got a reaction from buratinos in Is there a drug or perfume to attract women??   
    Your own natural smell is nothing more than pheromones that attract the opposite sex.
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    rembo2 got a reaction from ravenyvolle in Intermittent Fasting - Losing 50lbs in 6 months no Exorcise!   
    I think I was lucky. I eat as much as I want and do not get fat. If excess weight hinders you and brings inconvenience, then you need to lose weight. I wish you luck in this fight. 
    P.S. Fat people are always kinder and calmer, this is my observation.
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    rembo2 reacted to Kurian in Is there a drug or perfume to attract women??   
    I agree but, what if we have something more than that??
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    rembo2 reacted to fabianabank in Seven Breathing Techniques to send anxiety far away   
    Seven Breathing Techniques to send anxiety far away
    I have some atacks of anxiety
    It is proven, for me, for example, that the way breathability can help to calm us down and reduce nervousness
    Work, traffic, family, friends, appointments and a routine a thousand a hour. That way, it does not work; when you realize it is already disorganized thinking, you feel agitated and worry becomes constant in your mind: anxiety.
    1-  Starting
    Invest in stretches of the chest and abdomen. Taking moments to breathe slowly also helps, the exercise should last from 3 to 7 minutes and the process should be done by the nose only. Try to let the air outlet last longer than the inlet. It is important to feel the thoracic and abdominal expansion slowly and smoothly. Whether it will feel expand first the abdomen or first the chest or whether it will expand all at the same time
    2 - Diaphragmatic breathing
    Training this kind of breathing is important and helps regulate the body and the nervous system. But there is no point in expanding and contracting the abdomen while breathing, but breathing slowly and deeply and observing the movement itself. The diaphragm lowers in its contraction in the inspiration, this causes the viscera to be projected naturally forward, but not that this is forced. It is important to note if the ribs also rise across the entire circumference of the chest, causing it to expand fully and bring mobility and fluidity into the structure is easily aligning the "hallux" of the feet. That is, to join the toes of the foot in front of the body, exactly in the line that represents the center of our body and to keep the heels away.
    3 - Abdominal breathing lying down
    Before sleeping, if anxiety is keeping sleep from coming (Me everynight): Lie in bed and with the lights off, place your hands on your abdomen. Let's count as we breathe, to create a rhythm. We can inhale by mentally counting to four and exhaling at the same time, always through the nostril. To make the exercise more advanced, one can contract the abdomen at the time of releasing air, thus the muscles of the breathing are worked.
    4 - Square breathing
    This type of breathing includes more than just inhaling and exhaling, a pause is made before each of these actions. It is called square because all steps are done with the same length of time. Let the air enter your body as you slowly count up to three. Hold the air in the lungs, always counting slowly to three. Then release the air slowly at the same time. After expiration, keep out of breath, slowly count to three as well. You can vary this time too by increasing it, but always keeping it the same.
    5 - Elongated Expiration
    Thinking about this aspect, an adaptation of the previous exercise, of square breathing, in which you double the time you let the air out, in the case of counting up to six at that time, if you are following the time On a daily basis, even without the breaks, you can always try to breathe twice as long as you breathe in without the breaks holding the air and staying without it if you feel that anxiety is taking hold.
    6 - Trunk flexion
    This technique is very simple to do and very relaxing. To do this, sit in a comfortable chair and throw the torso forward, supporting it on the thighs (you can put a cushion if it makes it more comfortable). The arms and head are loose toward the ground. As in this posture the abdomen will be compressed by the support, the respiratory movement is carried to the back. Stay as long as you feel comfortable and attention when returning. The return movement begins in the lumbar and goes up vertebra by vertebra, being the last head that aligns. Remember to keep your spine always straight at these times.
    7 - Alternate nostrils
    Another technique to do in any of the above or day to day exercises to calm down, is to breathe through one nostril at a time. You take one breath and exhale for another, using your index finger to cover. Then the nostril that let out the air must be used to pull it, alternating the order in each moment. The tip calms because the person ends up focusing all his concentration on the method and its application, and also applies to when the nose is clogged.
    That's it folks, I hope you like it.
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    rembo2 reacted to Mistletoe in Church and Bitcoin   
    Not only the church guys 

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    rembo2 got a reaction from nytewind in Nytewinds PD Parody Song   
    Great job. You are very talented.