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  1. Haha
    rembo2 got a reaction from JohnTravel in Rules, strategies and combined payouts are essential to be a winner!   
    I like your story. That day you caught your luck. High risk sometimes justifies itself and brings you the unforgettable feelings of victory. Congratulations on winning.
  2. Haha
    rembo2 got a reaction from MrNice23 in Girls/Women in Primedice   
    There are real girls here, I think that there are more than 1% of them. Although I may be mistaken. Some skillfully hide under a different name in the hope of a tip or a loan. Need to learn to recognize them.
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    rembo2 got a reaction from MrNice23 in +120 reds 9x?   
    Yes, 120 red is a lot. I saw a maximum of 67 red, but for me it was also a lot and I was left with a balance of zero.
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    rembo2 got a reaction from JohnTravel in Rules for Win - The Gambler Life   
    These are good tips. But we still have to have great willpower so as not to disrupt and follow all the rules. These tips are really good if you follow them.
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    rembo2 got a reaction from MrNice23 in First Impression?   
    When I found out about Pd, I played on many more sites and gradually many dropped out and only PD remained. First of all, I liked the honesty and the team of professionals who think about their players, which I cannot say about other sites.
  6. Thanks
    rembo2 got a reaction from protonRockit in what is the purpose of your gambling?   
    Well, it seems to me the goal of any player is to get a shot of adrenaline from the game and if you are lucky to make some money, but the main thing without fanaticism and dependence.
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    rembo2 got a reaction from MrNice23 in Who Wants Hall Of Fame Back?   
    It was interesting at the time, but now when almost the majority of players use the hidden mode, it will not look like before. And there is no interest just to look at the numbers. It's my opinion.
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    rembo2 got a reaction from CaptainLorca in Why are Online Gambling Increasingly Popular???   
    Because online games are convenient. You can play sitting at home or wherever and whenever you want. Perhaps over time they will supplant real casinos.
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    rembo2 got a reaction from protonRockit in What do you do when you lose all your coins?   
    I never play the last coins. Because I can not lose all that I have.
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    rembo2 got a reaction from cryptomonkey in Strategy on game   
    The red line breaks all strategies in the long run. You need to constantly play according to different strategies, otherwise defeat is inevitable.
  11. Haha
    rembo2 got a reaction from cryptomonkey in Martingale Strategy....   
    According to the martingale strategy, I won 0.005btc. But this strategy does not work for a long time or works with a huge balance.
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    rembo2 got a reaction from Xlmcoins in Primedices most successful player   
    I never follow this. As a rule, all cool players use the hidden mode and only a few can boast of their victories.
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    rembo2 reacted to JstLikeMagyk in Recovering and loan   
    Yeah well even the concept of loaning someone money so they can gamble is the same as loaning someone money so they can buy drugs just doesn't make much sense
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    rembo2 got a reaction from MrNice23 in Primedice Chat Dying ?   
    Now that the telegram giveaways has appeared, the chat will become more active, and of course spam will appear.
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    rembo2 got a reaction from MrNice23 in Primedice Chat Dying ?   
    Yes primedice became less popular after the release of Stake.
  16. Haha
    rembo2 got a reaction from MrNice23 in Do you believe that bitcoin will reach a high value?   
    Yes, I believe that Bitcoin can reach a high price, but these sharp jumps make me nervous.
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    rembo2 got a reaction from Cathiee in Primedice Chat Dying ?   
    Most people play on Stake because of the greater choice of games and probably regular challenges.
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    rembo2 got a reaction from MrNice23 in What did you learn ?   
    It seems to me that intuition and some mathematical knowledge are developing well here.
  19. Thanks
    rembo2 got a reaction from Xlmcoins in How do you control your patience .   
    I am also not patient, but I just force myself not to do anything. Although it just breaks me and I can't defeat myself. Cigarettes hold me back a little, but this is a bad way.
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    rembo2 reacted to Steve in Rain, Rain, Rain!   
    Claim your prizes here!
    Let's face it, we all love the rain at Primedice more than anything. I was thinking why not make it rain every day for the next 3 days? Actually how about 6x a day every day for the next 3 days!
    What to expect & another giveaway?
    Each rain is going to be worth $10 to 25 people and will happen 6x a day over the next 3 days!  That's 18x rains valued at $180!  There will be 2x rains for the following currencies each day: BTC, ETH, DOGE  
    Another giveaway!
    If you can take a screenshot of yourself winning any of these rains and post it here you'll also win another prize! 
    Post a picture winning a BTC rain - Win $1 Post a picture winning an ETH rain - Win $2 Post a picture winning a DOGE rain - Win $3 The first rain will start in 24 hours! After that some rains will be announced in chat before they happen, some will have advanced notice through the official Primedice Telegram and some will be completely random! Rains will happen in the English chat!
    PD Telegram: https://t.me/OfficialPrimedice
    1 win per person (don't post multiple pictures) Post count of 15 Only pictures showing the rain in the chat box count Your post has to be a picture from these specific rains Try to show something unique or your full screen in the picture. Using someone else's picture is an automatic loss.
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    rembo2 got a reaction from MrNice23 in You Will Never Learn!   
    I also cannot learn from my mistakes, I constantly repeat them. Although every time I suggest to myself that it is impossible. What in your blood seems hard to change.
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    rembo2 reacted to sheenaz.bay in Crypto Debit card suggestions   
    One of the good things about the card is that it can be sent to more than 130 countries. In addition, it also has a mobile application that allows you to check and transfer funds. The mobile application also allows users to exchange fiat money with digital tokens or vice versa.
    Wirex has strict security and allows users to use two-factor authentication. This feature reduces the possibility of users becoming victims of fraud and fraud. Debit cards are not prepaid cards that can be refilled. The money you have in your account will automatically be reflected on the card. It has its own account number, CVV code and expiration date.
    The best benefit that you can get from the card is a 0.5% cash refund if you use it at the store. This is actually more like a token-back in the form of cryptocurrency.
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    rembo2 got a reaction from Noahbreezy in Microsoft building is going to build on Bitcoin   
    This news should have a positive impact on Bitcoin and strengthen it.
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    rembo2 got a reaction from paul751 in Unexpected winnings   
    Yes it is amazing. I also accidentally installed 100k on x2 and forgot to remove auto. While I realized what happened I had + 300k.
  25. Sad
    rembo2 reacted to fatterthanelvis in Have I got a story for you!   
    Like everyone else, I gamble a lot. Whether it's betting on sports games  car races or just whether the waiter will be right or left handed, everything can be a gamble. Life sometimes rolls you wins, and sometimes big losses. This story is about the time I got a big win, and then lost it all. I was working the night shift delivering pizzas. Let's call this place Hawaiian Joes. He only serves pineapple and ham pizzas. Don't even bother asking for pepperoni. Well this night was slow. Seems not many people in town had the craving for pineapple and ham pizza. I decided to spend some time with a one armed bandit at the local watering hole. I threw in a twenty bill and hit three 7's on my first spin. Jackpot! I took it up to 1500 dollars from there and it seemed like I couldn't lose. I called Joe and told him I would be out the rest of the night. I bought a round for the bar and kept spinning. I didn't even notice it was ten minutes to close. I upped my bet. The bonus had to come soon. I had been feeding it with no wins the past 400 dollars. Then I clicked bet and it didn't spin. I was busted. I made it up to about 2800 dollars, all from a twenty and all gone now to greed.