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  1. Haha
    rembo2 got a reaction from JohnTravel in Do you usually make the withdraw when you have the chance?   
    Yes this is true. That is why I never set myself a withdrawal goal. The goal is very difficult to come. Sometimes greed for a thousand satoshi deprives you of a million satoshis.
    Good luck.
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    rembo2 got a reaction from mgunita25 in Comment your best strategy on PD   
    All strategies are the same and there is no particular one, for example, safe or profitable. All of these strategies lead to defeat sooner or later. It all depends not on strategy, but on luck. Just play in manual mode as you like and enjoy it.
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    rembo2 got a reaction from JohnTravel in What do you do when you get a negative result multiple times?   
    With such losses, I try to temporarily change the game to compensate for the loss, and this often helped me out. If you play one game, it is better to reduce the bet, because the increase will only bring a loss.
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    rembo2 got a reaction from MrNice23 in Wrong Sides ?   
    Yes, I also noticed it. When during a game you hunt for x99, x990, x9900 then without catching anything I change the side and after a few blows it falls to the side you changed and you wonder why I did it.
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    rembo2 got a reaction from mgunita25 in how do you balance gambling and personal life?   
    Gambling never interfered with my personal life. My wife knows what I do and doesn’t see anything wrong with that. The only negative is that I sometimes sit up late.
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    rembo2 got a reaction from MrNice23 in Sounds Feature   
    I mostly play with the sound turned off, but when I set the automatic mode and hunt for some kind of multiplier I turn on the sound to hear this nice sound when the slider hits green.
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    rembo2 got a reaction from MrNice23 in Do You Race ?   
    I am not able to chase whales with huge stakes and I prefer to play for a result that will affect my profit. Races can just be like a side game where I don’t direct my attention.
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    rembo2 got a reaction from kippo in How did you manage your time schedule ?   
    I do not play according to some kind of graphics and I do not have a schedule for this. I just play when I want or when I have free time. Perhaps there are those who play on schedule. And I can only say one thing about this, they are very disciplined people.
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    rembo2 reacted to JohnTravel in Do you evaluate your financial situation before gambling?   
    I realized that many are in this situation.
    I was going through this problem in the beginning, but it does take a little longer, expect luck to change, end the bad luck and start over with little money. Sometimes this works and even brings better results. I'm avoiding making deposits these days, let's see what happens. Thank you for your feedback.
    Exactly, I'm not risking as before because at the moment I can not invest. If I had more financial strength I would risk, but this is another time, when we are low balance the best I think is not to risk.
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    rembo2 got a reaction from kippo in How I become addicted to gambling 😁   
    I like your story and your way $ 0.5 to $ 7,000 is something incredible. I have a slightly different story. I started my way into the world of gambling with real casinos and only then began to play on the Internet, which I still do.
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    rembo2 got a reaction from phpkiller in who said u cant win in prime dice???   
    Good result. Congratulations. Please tell us how you did it and for what strategy. If this is certainly not a secret. Maybe it's a martingale or something else. I would like to hear more detailed settings.
  12. Thanks
    rembo2 got a reaction from Newtron in any best and effective strat?   
    Any strategy is good and effective, but in the short term and until the moment you start to lose. The best strategy is to listen to your intuition and do what it tells you. Good luck.
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    rembo2 got a reaction from MrNice23 in To Faucet or not to Faucet?   
    I agree the faucet is now completely useless and I think that with such a payment it is simply not needed. It would not be bad to get something more important in its place.
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    rembo2 got a reaction from cryptsforum in 1980x Dont Hate   
    If we could know that such a blow will take only 52 rolls. I would put everything that I had as many players here. But unfortunately it is not predictable and you can only learn this by prerollsor risk your balance.
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    rembo2 got a reaction from MrNice23 in Biggest Profit in One Bet   
    Damn, great bet and great win. My congratulations. I can’t grab something similar, but I try.
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    rembo2 got a reaction from williamsh in Doge faucet 😂   
    I see no reason to use faucets. It is impossible to win with these amounts. Previously, when the faucet was big and there were happy hours, it was possible, but there were people who abused it a lot and probably PD spent too much on it.
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    rembo2 reacted to hui in [0.0032 BTC] 12 hours of nice chat - starting NOW!   
    I thought it would be nice to see what happens when everyone tries to be extra nice in chat, so let's make a challenge out of that!
    Prices will be given out by the following criteria:
    Nice and constructive, non spammy, funny and/or interesting and/or helpful chat No alts talking on chat (at least) in that period Applying the usual chatrules I will review everyones chatlog during the period and use my personal judgment to select 32 winners and share the prices equally between them (0.0001 for each).
    Let's have some fun! \o/
  18. Haha
    rembo2 got a reaction from Msneringa in Just showing off. Hit 1980x yesterday!   
    Great hit. Good bet and great profits. Keep it up buddy.
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    rembo2 reacted to Steve in $500+ giveaway! Eddie's new Twitter!   
    Let's win some prizes!
  20. Confused
    rembo2 got a reaction from FotisNt in Inactive moderators?   
    I think those people who spam links they do not care about warnings. They came only to distribute their links or advertise their scammers sites. It seems to me that everything is fine as I see how quickly the spam or advertising content is deleted.
  21. Sad
    rembo2 reacted to FotisNt in Inactive moderators?   
    True that! The point is that users like them, haven't get any punishment or a post deletion. Although, I literally got 3 warning posts while I was pretty active and never even spammed no sense comments like most people around. Could happen to anyone anyways.
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    rembo2 reacted to sheenaz.bay in Have you ever forgotten to change / reset on loss?   
    as I said, I would be very happy if my mistake was an advantage. but what happened was all my balance was used up. maybe you are one of the lucky ones, from mistakes, instead get profit
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    rembo2 reacted to sheenaz.bay in My strategy(little balance)   
    serious? have you ever reached 10 red in a row at payout 1.10x? I've never reached 10 reds in a row. at most I got 5 reds in a row. means even though a large win chance percentage does not rule out the possibility of losing
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    rembo2 got a reaction from Chikou1306 in Does PrimeDice use the "artificial intelligence " ?   
    If there is an artificial intellect, then it can probably adapt to each player or your strategy and act according to your actions. Maybe I'm wrong.
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    rembo2 got a reaction from MrNice23 in Primedice Races   
    For these races you need a very good balance. Many lose more than win on races, and making bets on small multiplications.