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    rembo2 got a reaction from Coolandy55 in Why not bring KYC ?   
    I think that a lot of rich players will not want to provide KYC, because crypto is not legal in all countries. And may begin the outflow of customers. Most users of crypto are in the shadows.
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    rembo2 got a reaction from buratinos in Is there a drug or perfume to attract women??   
    Your own natural smell is nothing more than pheromones that attract the opposite sex.
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    rembo2 got a reaction from VrOdaN in Losing my hair   
    say stem cells help.
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    rembo2 reacted to Ghostnipple in 2k Sats to 1.5btc // 5hr Grind   
    Hi Guys,
    a few asking me about this so I thought Id pull the bet data together and post it.
    You can review all the bets here.
    Its a google sheets document, so It may be a bit slow loading.

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    rembo2 got a reaction from Chikou1306 in Do you have a 6th sense in gambling?   
    Yes, I think the sixth sense is present in me. So sometimes the moment comes when I know for sure that I will get a win and it really falls out, but unfortunately this feeling is not constant and it snatches me when I really need it.
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    rembo2 reacted to Han2x in Tips to good amount then end up to regrets.   
    That should be done. If you have the chance to stop and secure some first then do it. Don't trust your luck all the time, because sometimes it will expire. 
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    rembo2 got a reaction from energi1 in Visit Gambling Sites in a Day   
    The longest stay on the gambling site with me is almost 2 days without sleep. It affects nerves and health, but I love this stress and adrenaline and I can’t live without this feeling.
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    rembo2 got a reaction from EpicGord in Cloud base Auto Betting (Offline Betting)   
    I like to control my bets and see them in real time, so it seems to me that I do not need such a function. But maybe I'm wrong and there are those who really need it. There is a demand for each product. The more different features the better.
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    rembo2 reacted to Chikou1306 in if you knew the 9900x is coming in the next 10 rolls, you go all in ?   
    i saw a guy in stake placing a bet of 50 btc and he won 85 btc in sports betting ! so yeah ! you can profit way more ! not 1000 btc ! but i think you still can profit 50 btc max !
    this topic is all about imaginary ! i just wanted to see if players decide to be greedy and go for more ! or take 10% and cashout ! and i think many of them will decide to look for more  
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    rembo2 got a reaction from Chikou1306 in if you knew the 9900x is coming in the next 10 rolls, you go all in ?   
    Of course, I would take what I have and lend it and put everything in place. But unfortunately we cannot know this and therefore it remains only in our dreams.
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    rembo2 reacted to JohnTravel in When you lose do you learn something from this defeat?   
    Yeah friend this is hard, but sometimes i make the same mistake, then need more control of my mind for really not make more stupids bets.
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    rembo2 reacted to @zulfandina in Are you just focusing on wager to become a VIP?   
    it's like a magnet that attracts some of the iron that is around it, many gamblers try to rank without thinking about winning or how much defeat they spent. just for the sake of ranking.
    I think this has strayed from the main goal of playing gambling. because in my opinion, the main target in gambling is victory, others just wind up
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    rembo2 got a reaction from CaptainLorca in Change of rollhunt prize   
    The size of the bet has changed and, accordingly, the amount of winnings. But in my opinion it’s even better and more interesting. The larger the amount, the greater the gain.
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    rembo2 reacted to sheenaz.bay in The addition of the VIP progress feature   
    good idea. it must be proposed to be realized. so it's clearer how many wagers are needed to arrive at the next VIP level
    This is a good idea too, so we don't need to contact support to claim rakeback, and of course it will make it easier for users to make a rakeback.
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    rembo2 got a reaction from JohnTravel in Do you accept defeat or victory when they happen?   
    I have no choice but to accept my defeats and victories. I try to forget the defeat and do not try to recoup, because this leads to even greater losses. Players have no other choice but to accept all their losses.
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    rembo2 got a reaction from JohnTravel in If your bets are not working, what do you do to win?   
    If I have no luck, then I change the seeds and change the payout and the size of the bet.
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    rembo2 reacted to CntryBoy in What's New?   
    That would have been a nice change, but I don't think that will happen since the jackpot amount is so high, self reporting makes it harder to hit and well worth it if someone does report it.
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    rembo2 got a reaction from bigbrankx in No faucet, no money, no deposit, what you make for play?   
    It seems to me that the fact that the faucet was removed is good, because there was no sense in it. I and if there is no money, no faucet and no deposit, then do not play casinos and gambling. We must remember that this is a casino and here no one owes us anything.
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    rembo2 got a reaction from bigbrankx in Are you greedy or have you learned to set a game limit to win?   
    I never set myself a limit or goal, because if I do this I always lose. So I try to listen to my intuition. But greed is sometimes the strongest and constantly pulls to play on, forcing you to lose.
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    rembo2 got a reaction from MrNice23 in Primedice Bots   
    You forgot about Dinabot which is used to exchange one currency for another and transactions between sites.
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    rembo2 got a reaction from JohnTravel in Do you exchange in the middle of a game or only in the end? Or not?   
    I always did this usually at the end of the game, but after reading your message, it became interesting for me to try it, because profit in any form is profit. But greed will stand in my way and will not let me stop on time. Thanks for your post, I intend to try to implement it.
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    rembo2 got a reaction from JohnTravel in Do you usually drink anything while playing dice?   
    When I play I mostly drink nothing or in rare cases it can be tea. I don’t drink alcohol at all during the game because its action contributes to loss of balance and making unexplained bets and actions.
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    rembo2 reacted to CntryBoy in How can it be? :(   
    Agreed, this strat will but you much more often than make a profit.  I have used it for racing, but with minimal increases on loss as you can wager a lot fairly safely if flat betting or maybe using 50% or so on loss.
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    rembo2 got a reaction from JohnTravel in Have you won a prize but forgot to click to receive it?   
    After entered links with awards, I also almost once forgot to pick up my award and remembered about it after a week, thank God she was still active.
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    rembo2 got a reaction from JohnTravel in How do you prefer to play in the primedice using cell phone or pc?   
    I prefer to play only on a laptop or desktop PC. I don’t like games on the small screen of the phone and at the most inappropriate moment the phone lags or freezes.