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  1. Knowing the rules and following them will save you from warnings and mute. If you want to play and communicate here, then you need to accept and follow the rules that the organizers have introduced and you can avoid unnecessary problems.
  2. I ignore the chat and other people’s statements, too much negativity can affect your mood and ruin the whole game. Therefore, I recommend not to take this into mind or simply ignore it.
  3. I never publish bets when I play, because the negative statements of others can also keep you in the mood and confuse and you will lose your luck.
  4. As far as I know, no one has yet managed to catch the jackpot and it is very difficult. But if the jackpot was automatic, then it would be easier. So you also need to see that you caught 77.77 twice in a row, and when you play in automatic mode it is not very convenient to do.
  5. I have never stooped to such things as borrowing and selling things in order to gamble. Such people should be under the control of specialists, since they can be dangerous for society, because they can go for a crime for the sake of the game.
  6. Are you sure about that? It seems to me that altcoins should still take revenge and still show themselves. I would not be in a hurry to sell them, because I am not sure about that.
  7. Somehow this goes a little against Trump's policy regarding Bitcoins. But perhaps he has already changed his mind if this company is trying to do what Trump wants to ban.
  8. It seems to me good progress in the field of cryptocurrency mining. Now, miners will receive great benefits and perhaps transactions will become faster, well, at least I think so.
  9. When I play, I always think positively and hope that I catch, what I hunt and if I’m not lucky, I try not to recovery the lost, but I want to quickly forget about it and start all over again. Because recovery brings new losses.
  10. Well, probably no more than one day. I can’t say that I am a very successful player and for sure there are those who are lucky constantly or for a long time.
  11. Everyone loves free money. But you must remember that this is a casino and these were only nice bonuses and gifts, and here no one owes anything to anyone. In order to play you need to deposit money.
  12. You need to communicate more and bet, a simple conversation will not bring you rain. I also think that chat spam can also disconnect you from the rain.
  13. It seems to me that the fact that the faucet was removed is good, because there was no sense in it. I and if there is no money, no faucet and no deposit, then do not play casinos and gambling. We must remember that this is a casino and here no one owes us anything.
  14. In my opinion, Eddie is equally active on both sites, well, maybe more recently on Stake since the site’s birthday is approaching and he probably pays more attention to this event now.
  15. It seems to me that the rates with these settings increase if you look carefully, they are simply rounded and visually it is not immediately visible, but only after a certain number of bets.
  16. For such a task, I would choose XRP or Doge it seems to me that with a cheaper currency it will be easier to do this since your balance in numbers will be much larger than in another currency.
  17. I believe that the government does not have the right to demand that people pay a cryptocurrency tax. After all, the authorities have nothing to do with cryptocurrency, they have not made any efforts, but they want money. It is like extortion or racketeering.
  18. Yes, after a long and nervous game, it is very often a dream that you won a bunch of bitcoins or something like that, but for some reason these dreams do not come true when they are so needed.
  19. rembo2


    Well, the craziest thing that happened to me at Prime Dice was how I went up to 512k satoshi from 100 satoshi on the multiplier x2 on one side and all these bets were in a row. But further fear did not allow me to continue and I stopped.
  20. I think it is possible to get rich and graying in gambling, but not everyone is given it. If you are a risky person and constantly risk large bets on high multipliers, then this is possible. And if you play 1 satoshi, then nothing shines for you.
  21. And who needs a faucet if he gives 1 satoshi. I do not see the point in this faucet. Is this amount of 1 satoshi really changing your life. It was high time to remove it, because it attracts only those who abuse it.
  22. Any strategy will ruin you sooner or later. I prefer to hunt for high multipliers at low rates. And also, when I play simply, I often change the size of the bet and the multiplier, and this works from time to time.
  23. My biggest winning streak on x2 was 13 greens in a row. But unfortunately the rate was only 1000 satoshi and therefore did not work out a big profit.
  24. This is probably due to fatigue and nerves, and you begin to make rash bets. Now, after a small win, I just stop playing and continue only the next day, but this also does not always bring me victory.