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  1. I used to make all in bets quite often, but mostly they were losses, but there were also victories. The feeling of defeat always negatively affects the state of mind and mood. But life goes on and the best is yet to come.
  2. I made bets on cyber sports a year ago and it was a Mortal Kombat X game and it brought me some money. This is quite interesting and fast and you can watch the player you are betting on.
  3. You forgot about Dinabot which is used to exchange one currency for another and transactions between sites.
  4. Yes, I agree the gain here is extremely small, unlike the bet. Probably for racing this is suitable, but certainly not for profit.
  5. Such behavior is characteristic of weak-minded people who cannot control themselves and will reconcile with their loss. And so they are trying to harm other people. Such behavior is unworthy and characterizes a person from the worst side.
  6. This happens quite often and I had to see 7 red in a row on this multiplier. But I heard that some players caught 10-11 red in a row. I do not like this multiplier, it seems to me that it is more dangerous than x2.
  7. I always withdraw money from vault when I lose and it doesn’t help. I just lose them too. It seems to me better to use vault to store money that you plan withdawal and not play on it.
  8. Yes, all the coins went down, but what is the reason? I hope LTC still shows growth. If bitcoin will grow in price, then I think that the other altcoins will also begin to grow in price. It seems to me that there is no choice and you just need to wait for when this happens.
  9. I think that only luck affects the player’s victory. Because when you hunt for a high multiplier, only luck affects the result. When hunting for x9900, you can get a lot of red ones in a row and not get the desired payout, but some lucky ones need to make only a couple of bets as this multiplier comes to them. Therefore, I think this is luck and nothing more.
  10. I prefer not to adhere to certain strategies, but to bet based on my intuition completely and from time to time it works very well for me, and all strategies will ultimately bankrupt you.
  11. I don’t know what percentage I use, but I can say for sure that I use only what I think I can spend without harming myself and my family. Maybe it’s not very much, but I feel so calmer.
  12. To be honest, I don’t even remember how much I lost or won, since I try to forget such moments as quickly as possible. The only thing I can say is that in one game day I made 500k btc this is probably the biggest victory of the day.
  13. Perhaps you are right, but I can’t share my balance and always play the whole amount. I can’t say that this is bad and sometimes I make a profit, but there are defeats too. If I even share my balance, then if I lose, I will still return for the rest of the money.
  14. I think this feeling is familiar to all players. I withdraw money when I need it, and if there is no need, I just continue to play and sometimes it helps to increase my balance several times, but more often I lose.
  15. My biggest recovery is ~ 500k btc. I could not recover a larger amount and this led to even greater defeat. I restore this amount with just one bet and it was an all in bet on x2. It was a lot of luck and after that I was not so lucky anymore.
  16. Withdrawal or vault. It depends on the circumstances. If I need money I will make withdrawal, but if I want to play and collect more, then vault is better for this.
  17. When I hunt, I watch TV in parallel, as a rule I find some kind of new film and look at Dice with one eye at the film. Since the hunt may drag out this is exactly what I like to do during the hunt.
  18. I believe that this is on the conscience of the person who did not help you when you need it, but simply pretended to not know and do not remember you. Therefore, I advise you to forget about it and next time act differently.
  19. I believe that everyone is responsible for breaking the rules. As the saying goes, the initiative is punishable, so I don’t do it, and I just don’t like complaining about others, it seems to me too low, and why make enemies for myself.
  20. But unfortunately you have to see this in order to claim that you have caught the jackpot in the support team. Therefore, I say that the automatic jackpot would be much more convenient.
  21. Knowing the rules and following them will save you from warnings and mute. If you want to play and communicate here, then you need to accept and follow the rules that the organizers have introduced and you can avoid unnecessary problems.
  22. I ignore the chat and other people’s statements, too much negativity can affect your mood and ruin the whole game. Therefore, I recommend not to take this into mind or simply ignore it.
  23. I never publish bets when I play, because the negative statements of others can also keep you in the mood and confuse and you will lose your luck.