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  1. Thank you @DarkBlood096 for another great giveaway User id: barbaris coin LTC
  2. Nice giveaway @DarkBlood096 Thanks Username: barbaris
  3. I do not like to use several tabs. For me, this is inconvenient and leads to freezes and errors, and even more so scatters my attention. I like to be focused in one window and follow what is happening, but to each his own.
  4. This is unbelievable. This is a really good strategy to increase wager. But you probably just got lucky that a little red fell. I think the result could be much worse with the same strategy. But you are lucky.
  5. They probably realized that cryptocurrency is the future and it is better to keep up with the times than to be left behind other countries. But let's see what will happen next, because India is extremely categorical in its actions.
  6. I like playing with TRX, as this coin is more convenient and less valuable for betting. It’s not important for me to play what currency. Any currency is money.
  7. Yes, indeed PD used to be the number 1 site for me and thanks to him I learned about Stake. Stake seems to me more popular now because of more games and I spend more time on Stake. But the good old PD is still good.
  8. Yes, buddy, such stories are not uncommon for players, and because of greed and impatience we lose a lot instead of putting them in the vault or withdrawing funds. This also happened to me, but the tip was much less and in the end my balance also became zero.
  9. I only make bets that my intuition tells me. Since different strategies led me only to losses. Therefore, the best strategy for me is to listen to my inner voice.
  10. Yes, sometimes I dream of how I win a big prize after I see someone’s grand victory and I think that I will do with that money. But for now, dreams remain dreams.
  11. I just gamble and hope to win. After all, when I bet, I’m ready to lose it in my subconscious, so I’m not really upset when I lose. And of course you need to control your budgets so as not to lose everything you have and be able to stop in time.
  12. Yes, I think the sixth sense is present in me. So sometimes the moment comes when I know for sure that I will get a win and it really falls out, but unfortunately this feeling is not constant and it snatches me when I really need it.
  13. I am not looking for new strategies and play as my intuition tells me. Martingale very often leads me to lose and therefore I do not really like to play by this method.
  14. Yes it is sad. I hate martingale and its long losing streaks. And for sure 27 reds is not the limit for this multiplier. I also once caught 11 reds on the multiplier x1.1 in a row and also went broke. I just could not believe it.
  15. It seems to me there is no difference between quality messages and outright spam, as they are paid the same. With the increase in rewards, the amount of spam on the forum will simply increase.
  16. Gambling definitely leads to addiction of people who lose control over themselves and over their actions. Therefore, for someone it’s addiction, but for me it’s an interesting time, because I always control myself.
  17. Yes, I also liked to see profit or loss in statistics. Now it has become inconvenient and there is nothing more to strive for to recover losses. And I think that it should be returned, well, at least that's my opinion.
  18. The longest stay on the gambling site with me is almost 2 days without sleep. It affects nerves and health, but I love this stress and adrenaline and I can’t live without this feeling.
  19. I like to control my bets and see them in real time, so it seems to me that I do not need such a function. But maybe I'm wrong and there are those who really need it. There is a demand for each product. The more different features the better.
  20. Bet: 45,273,827,370 placed by Barbaris on 20/12/2019 Wagered 0.00000000 Multiplier 1.01x Profit 0.00000000 10.10 PD name: barbaris
  21. It seems to me more convenient to see your profit or loss in statistics. Now it’s not very convenient for me without these statistics.
  22. I think some kind of Christmas or New Year event will happen on PD. In my opinion there has not been more than one holiday that would not have been carried out to one degree or another on PD.
  23. Of course, I would take what I have and lend it and put everything in place. But unfortunately we cannot know this and therefore it remains only in our dreams.