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  1. Yes, it was interesting to watch these figures, I do not mind to be returned.
  2. It will be around 5000-6000$, anyway, I think so.
  3. I like real money, while crypto is too unstable and I don’t want to risk it. Maybe I will change the decision in the future.
  4. If this were possible, then we would all become millionaires, but unfortunately there is no such machine.
  5. Bitcoin allows me to pay bills and make my family happy.
  6. This is commendable, but I would have solved all my problems for a start, and then I took up charity.
  7. Yes, this is a fact, newcomers are lucky. Probably because they have no greed and no goal to return the lost.
  8. Never used, but saw a lot of them. I buy and sell online.
  9. Many people know, but do not use all or believe that this is complete nonsense.
  10. Yes, it is convenient to keep such a list, but after another loss, I do not have enough patience for it. Although worth a try.
  11. You can do a lot for this money, but the first things on your list are also important to me. I would do the same. But winning the jackpot is not easy.
  12. I like Pd and Stake, but play in Stake because there are more games.
  13. We are waiting for the growth of Bitcoin with impatience. Although it seems to me it will remain at about 5,000 to 6,000. Although they expect up to 14,000, I saw this in some news.
  14. Yes, this is definitely future and soon crypto will be everywhere. I heard that even Harvard has already started taking crypto as a tuition fee.
  15. Well, if you are willing to take risks and bet on sharp fluctuations in Bitcoin, your right. I lost a lot on this and no more desire.
  16. Thanks Caroll for link. Now I even know what to expect.
  17. Of course, he bitcoin and ruins or makes you rich.
  18. All these coins depend on Bitcoin and how it will behave and will be with them.
  19. Bot is not reliable. Better your presence at the auction. Although if you want to risk your business.
  20. Interesting strategy. But no strategy will save you from losing. Unless of course you have an inexhaustible balance.
  21. This is a great currency, though not expensive. There are low fees, even if it is in the top 10 it will not be better.
  22. Would not recommend you to invest in this. In my opinion there are 5 types of currencies that I prefer and they are all presented on PD.
  23. Ripple is not Bitcoin and not when they will not. I don’t like this currency at all. I would not give her great hopes.
  24. More stable in its price and not so large rate fluctuations.
  25. I have been waiting for a long time and so far I haven’t received any of the currencies presented by them. From the post above it is clear that this is only for the United States.