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  1. Pluses of bitcoin is its price and the prevalence due to which you can buy anything for the bitcoins and pay off anywhere. Minus is a high transaction fee and the duration of confirmations.
  2. For me, there is no better. I always choose the most favorable exchange rate and it is always at different exchangers. The best one with the exchange rate is the most profitable and there is no transfer fee.
  3. I think there is nothing not possible. It may take a lot of time and maybe not a little money, but it can lead someone from the first blow. So it is quite achievable and real and depends only on you.
  4. A country can be against bitcoins, but its inhabitants are for bitcoin. It seems to me that all Bitcoin races are the actions of large traders that suit them for personal earnings.
  5. Yes, this happened to me, but it was not a very large amount. Recovery balance is very difficult psychologically. You are depressed and it seems there is no hope anymore, but it happens that all of a sudden you can return your entire loss with one bet. This is luck and nothing more.
  6. I have not seen Prime Dice mascot. Perhaps it is not. Although the talisman can be considered the whole team of this site. Every employee is a talisman. After all, thanks to them we have it all.
  7. The word crypto is something hidden or secret, or some sort of encryption as the dictionary says. And this word is quite old. It is now his steel used electronic currencies. But the exact origins of the word are unknown.
  8. To compete with Bitcoin is hardly. I think this is not the coin that can compete with Bitcoin. Bitcoin is too strong and is not going to give up their positions. It seems to me that they themselves spread these rumors.
  9. I think it's hard to do here. After all, it uses an algorithm unknown to us or random. Although I think nothing is impossible and perhaps some capable mathematician can do it.
  10. Great hit. Good bet and great profits. Keep it up buddy.
  11. It is difficult to answer what the price will be. This is just a rumor. Maybe they are specially manipulating the market, so that everyone went to buy Bitcoin to wait for growth to 40k. Nobody will tell you exactly. Only time will tell.
  12. I think it’s too early to make bank deposits in bitcoins. Bitcoin price is too unstable. If the price is stabilized, then I think that it will already be possible to talk about it. Now I would not risk it.
  13. Of course, these fraudulent schemes make a bitcoin negative reputation. But I think that one who understands that this and how it works will be difficult to fall into the hands of fraudsters. I never invest in such projects and therefore I feel fine.
  14. Why then will mining be needed if there is nothing to mine? Is that only to confirm transactions. It seems to me that so easy mining will not end. Perhaps there will be an issue of additional coins Bitcoin. Time will tell.
  15. PrimeDice is just a game in Dice, as the name suggests. And what's the point here to add new games if there is Stake. This is a good old PD with a famous name and reputation and I think it should remain as it is.
  16. I do not like to change the color schemes to which I was already used. My eyes not get used to new colors for a long time. But in general, I think there are many people who are not satisfied with the current color and they will want to change it.
  17. I buy crypto, I have every right to keep confidentiality about why they are to me. To play or invest this is my business and my money and no one else should be interested.
  18. Absolutely nothing has changed. You shouldn't blame someone for your loss or refer to the fact that with the rise in Bitcoin prices it became harder to win. Luck and random is all you can hope for.
  19. Everyone who has bitcoins in storage has all the profits. But the question is when to cash, now or wait. I am not a supporter of expectations and prefer cash in hand rather than dreams of growing Bitcoin.
  20. A well-established brand with a logo should not be changed. People recognize him and change is not worth it. Change the logo only when doing rebranding or unsuccessful business trying to create a new face.
  21. If you do not read letters from unknown and do not download unknown files and you have a good antivirus, you have absolutely nothing to fear and worry about. This is something that will save your data and save you from scammers. I observe this for a long time and nobody tries to demand anything from me.
  22. For me, it doesn't matter who owns Pd and Stake. The main thing that these people know their business and very skillfully and professionally manage their empire. I can only thank them and wish them good luck.
  23. I prefer to store keys on portable media such as a flash USB or portable hard drive. It seems to me to be safe, although not very convenient. But it suits me. Cloud storage I do not trust.