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  1. It does not matter whether you are young or not, if you have such qualities as self-control and willpower you have nothing to fear, because you can always tell yourself stop. But unfortunately not everyone can do it and it becomes a problem.
  2. I think those people who spam links they do not care about warnings. They came only to distribute their links or advertise their scammers sites. It seems to me that everything is fine as I see how quickly the spam or advertising content is deleted.
  3. Because everyone hopes that they will win. But if they lose, they blame everyone, but not on themselves. No money, do not play, this is the best advice. You can lose only what you do not mind and from what your life will not change.
  4. I rarely use storage because I know that if I lose, I will still withdraw money from there. If you accumulate and do not take them, then yes it is a good way to collect some money.
  5. Oh yes, dude, I made this mistake several times, though with a smaller multiplier. Once for me it ended with a loss of balance, and the second time I was in profit + 300k. Now I always check it out.
  6. Because this is a great site, the best and only one for me. Here is the best community and in general there is all the best. Pd for me is the first online gambling site about which I learned and I have a special relationship with it.
  7. What's the point of this. You get permanent errors and crashes. You need to be focused on one game, not a bunch of open windows and constant crashes.
  8. Playing on the bot is convenient for quick bets or playing the roll hunt. The bot is good because it has more settings and the main advantage is the speed of betting.
  9. Yes indeed, I have not received rain for a long time. Although I do not really need it. But before, I was getting a lot of rain throughout the day. Probably changed the conditions of receipt.
  10. If there is an artificial intellect, then it can probably adapt to each player or your strategy and act according to your actions. Maybe I'm wrong.
  11. I fear these multipliers. I was twice plundered by the multiplier 1.1x. I caught 7 and 10 red in a row. It seems to me that it is safer to play x2 or x2.5. In any case, this is my opinion, maybe everything is different with you.
  12. It really is. Gambling is taken away from me a lot of night time, but I am used to this mode, although I know that this is not good for health and good health.
  13. Investing in a cryptocurrency risk is because we don’t know how it will behave in the future. When Bitcoin collapsed from $ 20,000 to $ 3,000, many failed and lost a lot of money, and some of the initiators of this fall earned.