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  1. When I try to hunt for this multiplier, I lose my balance and do not get it. But as soon as I change the payout, after a few throws I get it. And I scold myself for leaving this payout.
  2. It seems to me that having a good balance, you can bet 1000-5000 satoshi on multiplier x1.1, this allows you to make a good wager and in case of loss it will not be difficult to return the lost and continue on.
  3. I think that there are no fundamental differences in the Dice game between sites, but PD is for me the first gambling site on which I started playing and therefore I consider it special.
  4. I completely agree with you. Silence during the game is the best background that can be. Only in silence can I immerse myself in the game completely and no one distracts my thoughts from the next bet.
  5. I prefer hunting for x99, it seems to me that this multiplier is much easier to catch than x100, although it would seem that the difference is not great, but I got this opinion.
  6. This is a really cool feature and very useful. It would be great in the future to see the rakeback withdrawal button so as not to disturb support. This would make life easier for both players and support.
  7. Good luck everyone Username: barbaris
  8. That's right. Greed ruins us. But you need to know when to stop. This is the key to success. But sometimes it’s also worth the risk and this is paying off.
  9. I have not seen such a Rollhunt either. Perhaps in the future we will see something similar. This is actually a very funny game and you can win quite simply even with a small balance.
  10. You are probably very lucky, but it can not last forever and you still have to make a deposit. Do not forget that this is a casino and here they play for money.
  11. Dice is the most popular game, probably because of its simplicity and lightness, as well as the ability to catch a large multiplier. I always liked this game and it was the first game that brought me into the world of online gambling.
  12. Red streaks are the trouble of every player and quite often they ruin us. On multiplier x1.1 I met 8 reds in a row, but I heard that someone was catching 11 consecutive reds and maybe this is not the limit.