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  1. I think that the coin should appear on the market. But it will hardly look like paper money or coins. It is likely to be something like electronic money. Although before I thought it was a cryptocurrency. Time will tell what it really is.
  2. There are such moments when from the rain I can rise to the minimum amount for payment. But this is very rare and very difficult to increase the balance with a small amount. But sometimes luck gives such a chance.
  3. My technique and strategy does not change depending on the currency I have chosen. Only the size of the bet changes, and so everything remains the same. Perhaps the chosen currency plays a role, but I don’t see much of a difference.
  4. I totally agree with you. Bad mood or fatigue always brings defeat. I learned this from my own experience and now I try to follow certain rules. I can not say that I began to constantly win, but my defeats became less.
  5. Stop giving your girlfriend the money and it will stop. Or just give her the freedom to play after she loses a lot of money. She herself will say stop. If a person is addicted, then we will not be able to do anything until he himself makes a decision.
  6. You can become a professional gambler only in real casinos and for this you will need to spend a lot of time and money in gambling establishments in order to gain experience and start getting some profit.
  7. Sometimes it can take me all night. But mostly about 2 hours a day. It all depends on different circumstances, but mainly on the size of my balance.
  8. Cryptocurrency is more promising than the usual fiat money. Because the price of cryptocurrency constantly gives us surprises in the form of profit or loss. Suppose today you won 1 Bitcoin at a cost of $ 10,000, and tomorrow the price becomes $ 13,000, that's $ 3000 profit out of the blue, and that's why I depend on cryptocurrency.
  9. Well, of course it's texas holdem poker. I unfortunately do not know other PVP card games where the player plays not against the dealer, but against the player.
  10. I believe that this is not necessary. If you have two famous brands, why lose one of them that makes money. There are probably many people who play only PD. Unification is usually nothing good ends. I think that why inventing myself extra problems and I think that you need to leave everything as it is.
  11. I can not call myself a rich man. Although this concept is different for everyone. I love to play, but I periodically lose and win. Probably I do not fall under the 1-4 position. I would probably say that I'm just the average player who wants to win a big victory.
  12. Casinos always win even when players win huge jackpots. The first casino appeared in the mid-18th century and until now this industry has always been profitable. Even the mafia is trying to control it, which is happening in many countries so far. As for online casinos, these are more modern and perfect games, but all the same, the advantage is always with the casino.
  13. Perhaps you are right in that having a plan and being ready is already 50% success. But I have seen how casino novices play and what random bets can do. I played with my wife in a real casino and just gave her to make a series of bets in the dice, after explaining how it works. And I was surprised that 37 of 50 bets she guessed exactly. I got a good profit. So random bets sometimes work wonders.