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  1. As for me it would be nice to have the option to select the rate of bets. Example (Low, Middle, High)
  2. I did not know that they have a channel in telegram. I also like to receive the latest news and I join this channel. Thanks for the information.
  3. I have not seen the first part, but I think it is worth seeing and waiting for the second.
  4. Now transactions in the blockchain network take a long time. I also had to wait 4 hours and this is at a transaction fee of almost 30k.
  5. At the forum you can get more information about the topic or problem that interests you. Chat is too fast to learn something. The forum is a kind of piggy bank of knowledge, rules and advice.
  6. I also cannot learn from my mistakes, I constantly repeat them. Although every time I suggest to myself that it is impossible. What in your blood seems hard to change.
  7. If there was such a recipe for a good earn, I would already be fabulously rich. There is no recipe, there is just luck and luck. Even the best strategy will ruin you once.
  8. I use a similar strategy, but there are some differences. Base bet: 0.00001 Balance: 0.001 Multiplier: x3 Raise on win: -40% Raise on losing: 40% You have to be careful with her, you can quickly increase your balance, the main thing is to stop in time.
  9. This jackpot is hard to win and it seems to me that this will not happen. But if I took it, I would become the happiest on the planet and solve all my problems.
  10. Use Dinabot this is checked by me many times. Commission on the exchange of only 5%. You can trust this. All the details here.
  11. This is a very large amount at the moment. To lose them would be an irreplaceable loss for me. When I try to win back lost in most cases, it turns out that I lose even more.
  12. Where there is money and no matter what they are crypto or cash, there are always those who want to get it in any way and the currency has nothing to do with it.
  13. I don’t understand what the advantage of these cards is and why I can’t just use exchangers.