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  1. I think A.I. will not be able to make you rich and will not allow you to make an advantage in your direction. All the same, it is all based on mathematical calculations and random numbers. Only the best hackers can do that.
  2. I think there are not many people who have all the currencies in profit. At least most PD players have negative profit indicators. But there are lucky ones with good profit.
  3. It seems to me that clarity of mind when you gamble should be in the first place. This makes it difficult to focus on the game and not do stupid actions.
  4. If I win a large sum I make rain, but unfortunately this happens very rarely. Big wins do not often come. Big multipliers often come when I have a small bet.
  5. Perhaps he is. Everyone is trying to make money on bitcoin and do it by any means. But to be honest, the drop in the cost of bitcoin scares me and it is not known what will happen next.
  6. You are probably just lucky, but it will not last forever. It is not possible to constantly win at the casino. So be careful with bets because the red lines can be much longer.
  7. It seems to me it doesn't matter where you play. Dependence is everywhere and if a person has the willpower and is able to control himself, then he will be able to give up games, and if not, it is likely that only specialists will be able to help him.
  8. It seems easier to hunt for x99 than to win in x2. Small multipliers are more insidious and you experience a loss when you are confident in your victory. I prefer high multipliers. It is better to lose less in the hope of a big win than to lose a lot in the hope of a small gain.
  9. It seems to me that seeds do not affect anything and just do not change them. Maybe someone else has a different opinion on this, but I don’t feel anything when changing seeds.