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  1. maverick528

    🏆 [0.1] The Three Wise Men

    Bet: 27,171,556,687 placed by maverick528 on 08/01/2019 Wagered 0.00000112 Multiplier 300.00x Profit 0.00033488 Bet: 27,288,878,670 placed by maverick528 on 12/01/2019 Wagered 0.00000400 Multiplier 300.00x Profit 0.00119600
  2. Bet: 26,853,508,345 placed by maverick528 on 27/12/2018 Wagered 0.00000900 Multiplier 330.00x Profit 0.00296100
  3. maverick528

    Best music videos of all time?

    Only 1 video ? Cant be done, there are a loooooooot of unforgettable ones ....
  4. maverick528

    Choose a Charity Poll #6

    Voted. Thank you.
  5. maverick528

    🏆 [TIER] Prestige Challenge!

    Bet: 26,042,306,735 placed by maverick528 on 05/12/2018 Wagered 0.00021228 Multiplier 990.00x Profit 0.20994492
  6. maverick528

    Introduction of the Legend265

    Nice intro 265. Maybe a little late, but that does not matter. Good luck in all your bets !!!
  7. maverick528

    Is anyone here still mining?

    Yeah, Im using a mining pool, so instead of trying to get a whole block reward (but with a very small chance) Im just getting steady small rewards. LTC is down lately in price as all the other coins, so some miners turn off their equipment, and that means more rewards for the ones that still are mining. Now Im getting 3.7K litoshis every day !!!!
  8. maverick528

    Is anyone here still mining?

    Im still doing small mining,nothing serious. Years ago I bought a pair of USB sticks for mining SCRYPT coins, like LTC or DOGE. The plus side is that they dont eat a lot of energy, and you can have them plugged into your laptop or PC all day without you noticing you are mining. The down side is that now they are obsolete, both sticks working 24 hours only generate between 2k and 3K litoshis. But I keep them running anyway ..... Sometimes I also mine with a video card some Neoscrypt coins like FTC or ORB, but only when I have some "free" electricity...
  9. maverick528

    Is this forum dying?

    I think Bojana mostly said what it is to said..... Just remember that things change as times goes by, there are some months or weeks when ppl is less active, and another times when they are more active. Also, sometimes you just need somebody to start a good topic to get a lot of activity. To start a fire you just need a spark.
  10. maverick528

    🏆 [0.1 BTC] 25 Billionth Bet Challenge!

    username = maverick528 and congratz for the 25B !!
  11. maverick528

    1st day .1 LTC bust :(

    This is a very old topic, but anyway, I´ve always heard here from more experienced players "never bet at multipliers less than 1.5X". There is some logic behind that, when you win, the profit is small compared to your wagered amount. But when you lose you lose big. And if you want to try some sort of martingale strat, you have to multiply your wagered amount a lot, and that also means that 2 losses in a row can kill you even if you have a big bankroll. Last thing to mention, low payout gives you a sense of false security "there is only 1 chance in 20 to bust" for example .....
  12. maverick528

    Alguna buena estrategia para ganar con el 3x

    Yo cuando hago martingale en 3X no doblo la apuesta cada 3era perdida como dice Xylber sino que uso apuesta automática y programo el porcentaje apropiado de crecimiento en cada apuesta. Hacer 5 o 6 preroll en 0 antes de empezar tus apuestas también ayuda. Y luego de acertar casi siempre cambio lado, o sea me paso de tener que acertar números grandes a pasar a acertar números pequeños.
  13. maverick528

    [POLL] Next Coin 💰

    I think Dogecoin will be a clear winner of the poll ....
  14. maverick528

    My PD Anniversary. 😎💥🎉

    Congratz dmb !! And much more years to come !!
  15. maverick528

    🏆 [0.08 BTC] Discovery Challenge!

    Bet: 23,792,148,375 placed by maverick528 on 27/08/2018 Wagered 0.00000104 Multiplier 2.02x Profit 0.00000106 Bet: 23,802,239,821 placed by maverick528 on 28/08/2018 Wagered 0.00000416 Multiplier 2.02x Profit 0.00000424 Bet: 23,830,981,542 placed by maverick528 on 30/08/2018 Wagered 0.00000104 Multiplier 2.02x Profit 0.00000106