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  1. the chance is 1.259% that you get 39 reds in a row and bust and after some trys its possible
  2. i have try it with 0.00002 balance and 0.0000002 bet and was on 0.0009 but bust after red streak
  3. if you are greedy you can lose all but you can be rich too
  4. with faucet autobet all in on 1.0102x and on win increase by 1.02% and if you have a big balance do big bet on 1.0102x and if you lose try recover with 2x or something and than again 1.0102x
  5. i have start with 9 doge and was than on 240.000 doge but with my gambling problem i have play more and bust
  6. i dont hunt 9900x but its really crazzy that much times i got 99.99 or 0.00 if i only hunt 9900x with all my rolls i have do i would be now millionaire
  7. lose yesterday 0.06btc and won 20.000 doge from 9 doge