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  1. next time more luck
  2. btc will go up but not now
  3. no 5 greens i mean 4k bet if green you have 1 again 4 k bet if lose 8k get and if it is win you have total 2 greens than again 4k
  4. i got some times same number in a row
  5. i have do every day 50 times my faucet, was 4193 but after the faucet go down on 830 not more that much
  6. you cant hunt jackpot the chance is 0.000001% one day one lucky guy get the jackpot but if you try get jackpot with 98% you lose on end all your money and dont get jackpot
  7. one big red streak and bust
  8. play 4k sat bet on 2.25x and if lose double after 5 greens do 20k bet on 3x if win double and double if red again 4k 2.25x
  9. lol you are owner from pd if you lose on pd the money come back to you or not?
  10. have look for gambling sides and found pd