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  1. if you play only 5k bet on 70% in a normal luck you stay on the 30k, if you have do 100 bets you must get like 95 greens= 95x2071=196,745 satoshi and 5 reds= 5x5000=25.000 satoshi and 196,745-25.000= 171.745+ the 30k you stars is the 200k. 95 greens and 5 reds is fucking luck if you play only on 5k bet and never double the bet or something
  2. need very big luck without increase on loss
  3. lol why you do a topic for 10 greens i a row on 2x?if i do that every time i got 10 greens in a row i must have over 100 topics
  4. its risk but you can win much
  5. 10 greens or 10 reds in a row is not rare i got few times 30+ reds in a row on 2x
  6. one time i have play slots with 1$ bet and lose all and was only on 0.40$ and with the 0.40$ i have do a spin and got free spins and win big over 300$. a other time i have deposit 100$ and was on last 10$ and start play safe and got on 0.20$ spins 1000x that was 200$
  7. try something like 20sats bet 20x and on lose 6% with martingale he mean 2x double if red
  8. i have no computer atm use only mobile manuel and auto
  9. if i am one time in my rage its hard to stop, i do only roll roll roll without thinking how much money i won or lose in this moment, with this fuck rage i lose 5000$ on pokerstars slots
  10. yeah i know this i think if i win a million $ i withdraw first but after think come on i deposit 100.000$ and win more and on end i lose all
  11. never give up next time you win more
  12. the chance for 100 reds in a row is 0.008%
  13. i got on duckdice 2 times 0.00 in 5 rolls
  14. i know this, i got some times faucet to some million satoshi but cant stop and bust
  15. sometimes come over 10 reds in a row but if you have luck its ok
  16. low profit and one time red streak you lose all
  17. 8k bet on 2.25x if lose double
  18. i remember i won 0.03 with 2.25x and change than on 1.5x and got on start over 10 reds in a row and bust
  19. i got from 9 doge faucet on 240.000 doge and bust that was sick