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  1. i do only 990x+ with faucet all in and hope to hit
  2. nice hits, 3 times 99x in a row is chance from 1 in 1million bets
  3. hope you win next time more, good luck
  4. with 30k balance if you get 14 reds in a row its bust
  5. nice profit and good luck for next time
  6. i do only auto bet if i try 99x+
  7. Username: Gennady12 atm its hard to win wolfgames because i have no computer and use pd only on mobile phone but if i buy in the next time a computer would be nice if i am whitelist and can win some
  8. bitcoin is the only one hobby that i have atm, my dream is working on pc and earn btc and get enough for life
  9. 1100x if you hit one time thats a big win
  10. that shit man my worst day on gambling was lose 4000€ on pokerstars
  11. one day you will get 50+ greens in a row
  12. 10% chance that you can get 100.000 reds 1% chance that you get 1.000.000 reds
  13. i know this from 9 doge faucet on 240.000 doge and busted
  14. haha very big bust chance
  15. if you do low or high its every time same chance but i do only high because if i change on low and it come high i am only sad
  16. i got some times same number in a row but from 10000 numbers it must be 77.77
  17. haha you are lucky man 3 nice hits