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  1. If Bitcoin Go down to 1k can you add old big faucet again?
  2. https://btckings.com/652802 this is a new btc poker site, i won over 1000$ here. not much playing here but there arenice tournament like a tournament with 6 people and 0.003btc buyin and the pricepool is 0.05btc!
  3. Username: Gennady12 Joined date: 04.10.2015
  4. Username: Gennady12 Date: 18.07.2017 07:07:59
  5. my biggest faucet win was 240.000 doge ~ 0.24btc, on what site did you play?
  6. this strategy is risky but if you got much reds and then come green its a big win
  7. 5 sats bet is not suicide only after 17 reds
  8. Gennady12


    if you get some reds and after green you are negative you must do bigger increase on lose like 30%
  9. if bitcoin going down on 100$ i buy some btc and play on 1btc bets
  10. 13 reds in a row is very easy, 30min this strategy and you bust
  11. thats shit hope you win next time
  12. good luck, hope you win much and dont bust