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  1. 20btc that time is equivalent to 5k usd..do you even bet 0.1 btc.now?
  2. great roll..never hit that x9900 but will try it soon.
  3. welcome to pd jas. enjoy lang lagi. goodluck
  4. my maximum copy trade sa isang araw..minimum is 0.01 sayang d ko nacopy mga trades nya bumalik na pala sya.
  5. wow congrats lolgato.. more green to come
  6. Thanks for this giveaway. Goodluck to all of us
  7. thanks for always doing this. keep up the good work
  8. wow thanks for this detailed explaination. Gonna try this out
  9. thanks for this info thug. will definitely check this out
  10. hahah.. buti nga nalinis na pangalan ko
  11. at this moment would it be beneficial to buy or sell bitcoins? Heard a lot of news about btc forking so i want to hear some ideas.