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    dubultkraans got a reaction from CaptainLorca in 📢 Server Seed Rotation/Maintenance   
    But You can not get to same client + server seed pair. Server seed will be changed, and results will be different than in Your initial client+server seed pair.
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    dubultkraans reacted to ledust in Real Life Pictures!   
    Nice fake
    Banned from HungerGames, second time I've caught you impersonating other people yolanda. Not cool
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    dubultkraans reacted to Zoltan in 30 day fittness challenge   
    I have been using a great app in the last 6 months, it is called the 30 Day Fittness Challenge:

    It has many programs for you, there is a Full Body Challenge but also programs that are focused on one type of muscles like Abs, Butt, Arm and Leg. I prefer the full body so it keeps me kinda fit. I am not a person of sports and i am kinda lazy to go out and visit a gym. These exercises can be done at home without any special accessories. There are 6 plans: easy 1-2, medium 1-2 and hard 1-2. Every one of them lasts for 30 days. The easy plans have rest days on every 4-5th day, the medium plans on every 5-6th day and the hard plans on every 7th day. I am currently doing the hard plan 2 (only 2 days left ). What i can say after these 6 months, that it really helped me to get in shape, i see major changes which made me surprised and really glad. It is kinda easy at the first days and you will think, that it has no sense to do it, but i assure you that after a while, like around on the 15th day, it gets more hard day by day. There will be exercise you will hate a lot, but they really help! My "favourite" is burpees... I don't know why but this is the only exercise which i can't do as well as i want. Even the diamond push-ups are easier for me than, this... The hard plan exercises take almost 1 hour for me now, and i lose a lot of water, if you know what i mean   After i finished this i will probably select one period of the hard plan 2, like days 22-28 (28 is the rest day), and i will continue to work with it every day. I really want to master "burpees" too  If you are kinda lazy and wants to do some workout at home i would suggest to try this out!
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    dubultkraans got a reaction from jbenjaminy in Huge Hit Earlier!! 200k to over 20mil   
    Damn, can't understand how You 'feel' when to start money bets, simply after long 'non hitting prerolls'?
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    dubultkraans got a reaction from MrNice23 in Huge Hit Earlier!! 200k to over 20mil   
    Damn, can't understand how You 'feel' when to start money bets, simply after long 'non hitting prerolls'?
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    dubultkraans reacted to jbenjaminy in Huge Hit Earlier!! 200k to over 20mil   
    Hey guys, just wanted to make a post about my win last night -- truly an insane session, taking 200k exactly (from a loan) and turning into over 20mil. I had 21 mil in my balance to be exact, after about 1mil I used to repay the loan, rain a little in chat and give out a few more generous tips to people who have been generous with me in the past. Excited to be in the "hall of fame" for the first time in a long time too -- on the daily leaderboard in 6th last I checked, would've been higher but I guess my session was technically spread across two days as 0.149 is showing for today's profit, but total for session was around 0.210. So as many of you have seen by this point, I've previously posted my strategy and just the way I play including my own personal preferences and habits, etc. And I mentioned a few of my monster runs that I've gone on like this before -- most notably was the 14 BTC run in 2015 on a different site -- I posted a screenshot of a 5 BTC payout from a single roll on my strategy guide from this session. Anyway, point is I've had several other huge runs like this before, and I always say how I win and lose just as much as anyone else, but one thing I'm really good at is maximizing my profits on my winning days. I've been using this same strategy for several years now that I just kind of developed through trial and error of a lot of stuff. One interesting thing I wanted to bring up in this post that I noticed last night and thinking about it all of my really big wins have basically played out the same way. They have all been very long sessions, 8-10 hours or so on average. Also, for most of the session, maybe for 80% or so of it, I'm just going up and down -- never making it above maybe 3 or 4 times what I started with, and dropping below my starting stack at some points but never busting or redepositing either. It's only when I'm not rushed, 100% focused, keep myself from getting frustrated or impatient, etc. that I can make this sort of thing happen -- everything has to be just right and you have to maintain that for several hours while you wait for a landslide. And so after probably 6 hours or so where I'd get back up to about 0.01 BTC then drop back down, and I wasn't betting about 1k per bet at any one point or doing anything too crazy, I finally started to climb a little, to about 0.025 BTC over the course of an hour or so, and then over the course of another hour I climbed up to around 0.045 BTC, and I stayed around there for maybe 30 more min. At that point, there was just this undeniable landslide of really big and really small rolls -- I raised my bets up to as much as 0.0002 BTC per bet and moved my target down to 0.03% win rates at some points and the rolls were just coming. The only times that I was not just building up my balance for about the last hour that all these rolls came was when I was missing the rolls that were coming on the other side or whatever, but still coming none-the-less. Anyway, all this is to say that a lot of people are skeptical that there are ever just clear rushes of rolls on the extremes of either high/low, and I'm here to tell you that every time I've had an unreal run like last night, it has played out the same. And to get that opportunity, you have to be able to survive thousands of monotonous rolls where nothing exciting happens while you wait for that golden opportunity, and don't fret about the occasional roll that you missed or that you could've made more on. When that small window to really maximize profits comes you'll know it and the bulk of your huge profits will come over a very short period of time relative to the hours you've been waiting. In no more than 1 hour, I completed the last climb of my balance from about 0.04 BTC to over 0.21 BTC.
    THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO SWEAT THIS ONE WITH ME!! I think I showed my gratitude to most of you but if not, this won't be my last monster run so I'll get you on the next  
    Here are a few of the highlights from this session:

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    dubultkraans reacted to xMossx in What would you do today with the Pizza's 10k BTC??   
    I would invest some in altcoins and whatnot, leave some in bitcoin, and sell some for fiat so I'd have money to spend. I'd probably use some money to help out any of my family who may need it. Most of my time would be spent travelling - if friends or family wanted to come, I might invite them and pay if they couldn't afford to. Some money would definitely go to new gear/toys: backpack, hiking/camping gear, bicycle, snowboard, etc.
    That is a lot to be putting into your businesses. 
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    dubultkraans reacted to athena2007 in Longest winning or losing streak you have had so far...   
    i am not sure how many reds but at the moment i have 19 greens 2.0x    lets see how that pans out i need 24 greens to be content xxx
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    dubultkraans reacted to skywallkee in Longest winning or losing streak you have had so far...   
    30 reds here ^^ I don't know if I should be glad or sad haha.
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    dubultkraans reacted to eldrindcm in Guess the Picture ?   
    James Dean
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    dubultkraans got a reaction from btcdicerdime in What would you do today with the Pizza's 10k BTC??   
    I got 3 startups that I'm strugling with to grow. I would put 70% of that into businesses, 10% in family needs(car, housing, etc), 20% for worse days.
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    dubultkraans reacted to athena2007 in 🏆 The Longest Streak Giveaway   
    theres glue on the 18th roll lol .. http://prntscr.com/i2jp4s
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    dubultkraans got a reaction from btcdicerdime in When Do You Stop?   
    Stoping in bets is same as in sex without condom. You try to stop when it feels best, but not too late, That means You need concentration to feel when it's really good, and don't forget about the goal - TO STOP. 
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    dubultkraans reacted to MrButtons in ᖫ✧MrButtons✧ᖭ || Post my daily grind results! || Follow my journey.   
    Hey guys and girls, today i decided to keep track of my profit and losses and see if i can manage to play more strict, i'm usually donking in huge bets lol.
    Anyway i've decided to keep track of everything for 30 days straight and see how far i get, i'll be trying to play more safe/modest. ( most of you probably already thinking ye ye! lol )

    So I'll be posting my daily results, my statistics are also live so you know i'm legit on the info!

    // Date: 22-06-2017
    Total Wagered: 260.06138201BTC
    Total Profit: -10.42472037BTC
    Today's Current Profit: + 0.23085658

    I'll keep this thread updated daily, and will also start streaming my games on twitch when i have figured out how to do it propperly.
    #follow me because as you know i will tip the living shit out of everyone.

    PS: ill probably keep updating this thread to improve it. ( i hope this is posted in the right section else move it where it's needed )