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    ramteke1 reacted to Xantys in PD promotion?   
    Hi guys! Comparing two sites PD and Stake we see the latter quite strongly promoted via discord, mail bonuses, regular on-site and social media giveaways and my favorite Christmas contest And that is well understood as Stake is a larger project with variety of games and solid expansion opportunities.
    PD in opposite is a single-game project with not much ambitions to expand. But did you notice just a few months ago PD’s online chat audience was twice as large as the Stake’s? I think the crucial moment was summer upgrade after which PD’s chat audience fell abruptly and today’s ratio is exact the opposite. I might be not 100% correct with the numbers but PD’s falling chat and forum activities confirm my view.
    Could PD audience be restored to the older levels and even more? Why not!
    Does PD have the growth potential? Sure as one of the oldest crypto-gambling sites around.
    How the current players will be affected when PD grows? The stronger the House the safer the Players, isn’t it?
    Well, guys do you think PD needs more promotion to expand Its player base? How that could be done? Or with falling interest in crypto, the efforts are just not worth it?
    Please share your thoughts
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    ramteke1 reacted to Xantys in A trick to improve your performance   
    Hi guys. I wanted to share with you something which I think helps be to become a better player. And that thing is keeping your daily progress in excel sheet. Every night I carefully right down the date, deposits, withdrawals and all my balances in various cryptos and daily progress in different columns. Daily progress column contains an easy formula that calculates the difference between yesterday's and today's balances. The progress can be either positive if you win or negative if you loose. Have also a 'Notes' column where you write down important events and your thoughts like "Busted because of incorrect initial bet size", "Busted because of lack of self-control" or whatever. As you keep filling in you will see your overall performance and all your daily ups and downs and also the reasons why you fail or succeed. You can calculate your daily potential and how much you can make overtime if you keep your current progress. Offcourse your sheet can be customized to include various details as you wish.
    As you analyze your progress sheet you try not to repeat your past mistakes and hopefully become a better player overtime. My personal progress sheet contains detailed records over the last 118 days and I tell you what! I haven’t had a single loosing day over the last 23 days!
    Hope this helps you guys. Please share your thoughts and suggestion on personal accounting and progress sheet.
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    ramteke1 reacted to Pirnitho in A trick to improve your performance   
    I've never heard of this idea before, Xantys. I think it's a good one. Of course it's difficult to know exactly why you lost if it wasn't due to one of your listed reasons, apart from "the dice rolled the wrong way!" 😂 But regardless, I think there's value in your idea. Because when you take the time to think and write out what you're doing, it puts things into a clearer perspective. You get a better idea of your total wager, and strategy (if there is one), and so on. So, a like from me! 👍
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    ramteke1 reacted to obak121 in Bitdouble.io |social gambling game |Prov fair | 0.005 mBit faucet | New PVP game   
    We are now on midweek. Hurry and play to place yourself on the top.

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    ramteke1 got a reaction from EpicGord in My Technique for Winning Big   
    I will try this strategies.
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    ramteke1 reacted to Bojana in Suggestion - Muted   
    As Ultra explained, many mutes include exactly transgression based on PM-ing insults, asking for loans, begging HRs, sending scam/phishing links to other users. 
    If someone is muted for breach of any of the rules of Chat, they are excluded from having access to any chat features - public chat (any language room) as well as private chat (PMs), and sending tips or friend requests as well, since this is a way to abuse the site (if they were playing ping-pong with tips) or annoying others by constant friend requests. If player is on site for the game only, of course he/she can still deposit, play and withdraw, despite being muted. 
    Hope this explained it a bit why the connection of these features is necessary.
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    ramteke1 reacted to UltraChief in Suggestion - Muted   
    If a person is muted, they are muted for a reason. We often find people sending out PMs to other players attempting to scam them. They are muted to prevent this from happening. What you are suggesting would totally make that useless. They would continue to send PMs to others even when muted and scam people nicely.
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    ramteke1 reacted to LuluBot in Hardcore Beggers   
    It seems like fishing the beggers XD
    Maybe a strategy to catch 'em all (and report) 🤔
    Not sure it's a good idea but theory always looks good on the paper 🤣
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    ramteke1 reacted to sourc3code in What would you like to see in the next version of Primedice?   
    Another idea I had was to include a feature to allow instant playing with their deposit balance even if it's unconfirmed. Of course, there would be stipulations in place such as minimum sats/byte in order for it to be credited for play as well as maximum amount allowed, but I think this would be a great feature to add for players which wouldn't really affect anything on PDs end. One other stipulation to this feature would be that you obviously couldn't tip/rain/withdraw until the transaction was fully confirmed. 
    As long as these requirements are followed, there shouldn't be any issues allowing this. It would make it feel like its instant 0-confirmation play (which is always great). Some sites that allow this are Duckdice as well as BustaDice. Unfortunately the latter charges you 1% to enable it for a transaction which I think is ridiculous as it does not cost anything to offer. DD on the other hand does a great job with this
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    ramteke1 reacted to UltraChief in Hardcore Beggers   
    Please note that we do not allow such type of topics where you can publicly shame another person for begging you in private. If someone is harassing you you should screenshot that and send it to any online Moderator or Support team member and they can take necessary actions.
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    ramteke1 reacted to CaptainLorca in Hardcore Beggers   
    If people beg in PM, feel free to report them. Don’t let them get away with this.
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    ramteke1 reacted to TheFrog in Hardcore Beggers   
    Alien u forget they are organised, they are  known as the FOB (federation of beggars)
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    ramteke1 got a reaction from UltraChief in What Is your Best Moment in Primedice Since you Joined?   
    Best moment in pd was 3 years ago when I made 14 btc from .01 satoshi. Made a withdrawal paid my debts and purchased this laptop. 
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    ramteke1 reacted to DreamStage in What Is your Best Moment in Primedice Since you Joined?   
    Well i do not have any best moment rather than many of them. I've been part of this Community since 2014 and i've felt everything it was throw at it.
    From epic giveaways from chat by Staff team, multiple Happy Hours during same day even when the faucet was still an experiment to new comers (+3k satoshis).
    The 77.77 Jackpot feature (you just had to roll it 1x and your bet would x10 immediately).
    And so many others i don't even remember.
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    ramteke1 reacted to CaptainLorca in The collection of tipping-games   
    Hey fellas, 
    just fell out my shower and had an idea. Primedice once had a bot name "HungerGames". You had to write him that you want to be chosen and decide high or low. If you guessed right, you got 10k Sats.
    I'll use this topic to give a better explanation of what every single game is, in case I use it to tip the community. Everybody feel free to use it as well!
    Thinking of that I'm actually a little sad this beast is gone.. and came up with some fun ways to tip random people (once known as raining):
    The HungerGame
    The user sets a new Client- and Server-seed to reset the bet counter to Zero. He picks one of the active users and let him decide if High or Low. If the picked user wins, he'll get the tip. If not, the tip goes out with /rain. Payout is set to 2x. How the game works
    When the chosen user picked his side, the tipper will roll a bet (0 Bet amount) according to the desired side with a multiplier of 2x.


    If the dice falls on green, the picked user wins the tip. If it hits the red, the community wins.
    Escaping Green Arrow
    The community gets asked to show their successful escape by hitting red (doesn't matter which side).
    Only bets after announcement of a start count No minimum bet amount Payout is set to 1.01x Bet is either under 1.99 or over 98.00
    If a user hit the red, he pastes the bet to the chat. The tipper checks the bet and if the bet is legit, he'll win the tip. If not, the game goes on!
    Getting a "Schnapszahl!"
    Try to hit any green "Schnapszahl" on any payout first! What a "Schnapszahl" is:

    A Schnapszahl is considered a repeating digit like 11:11 on the clock. Its a German saying and usually you would drink a shot when someone shouts "Schnapszahl!".
    Only bets after announcement of a start count No minimum bet amount Bet has to be a win Winning rollnumber has to be 00.00, 11.11, 22.22, 33.33, 44.44, 55.55, 66.66, 77.77, 88.88, 99.99 Any payout If a user hits a Schnapszahl with a wining bet, he pastes the bet to the chat. The tipper checks the bet and if the bet is legit, he'll win the tip. If not, the game goes on!
    Answer the question and get the tip! If the host sends you to corner it means that you're not allowed to answer any longer. Thats just to give other users a fair chance to win as well. If a user gets the right answer.. well just tip him already :D! Feel free to spread hints if they don't get it fast enough.
    Feel free to suggest more fair games for making tipping more fun! If I like the game, I'll add it to the opening post (of course with tagging the person with the idea ;D)
    Please don't create spam on this topic and make use of the Upvote-Function. Thank you!
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    ramteke1 reacted to Ohohoho in What would you like to see in the next version of Primedice?   
    i would like we notify all beggars and make them feel proud to be there. example. if u known me as respected beggars .u give symbol or some sort of reward. not obvious one. 
    in this way we reverse psychology them. we give all he beggar money. so they feel humiliated and shy .and go find a real job.
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    ramteke1 reacted to TheFrog in What would you like to see in the next version of Primedice?   
    suggestion for the jackpot thing , it should be realistic and autoreporting, i mean by that lower the amount that can be won or make it like 5 prizes every week , this could attract users
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    ramteke1 reacted to Stephov in What would you like to see in the next version of Primedice?   
    1. Currency exchange service. Even with a some fee.
    2. Multicurrency bets (for example, select 10k btc, 10k ltc and 10k eth at once)
    3. Players rating system. We know that some people often cheating others on PD. They offering to exchange currency or ask for a loan etc. We need a solution against that people. And if anyone has extremely low rating - it will help to moderators to make a decision for a ban or smth like that.
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    ramteke1 reacted to leipao24 in What would you like to see in the next version of Primedice?   
    The current version's UI is better than the previous ones but it would really be nice if we experience lesser lags. Also, a currency exchange feature from btc to ltc/eth and vice versa would be great. It would be convenient for players who wants to exchange their funds from one currency to another, plus the site may choose to charge a small fee for the service, hence, additional profit for PD
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    ramteke1 reacted to Jelena in 🏆 [0.08 BTC] Fast and Furious Challenge!   
    Fast and Furious!
    Ends: 03/12/18 @ Midday (12pm) GMT 
    Make 5 consecutive winning bets on a 5x payout. Side is not specified, you may choose between 'roll over' or 'roll under' and seeds cannot be changed.  Minimum bet:  0.00000100  0.00002200  0.00003500  0.00013000  2.00000000 1 valid entry per household. Bets cannot be hidden during the whole duration of the promotion. Bets must have been made after the commencement of this promotion. 10+ forum post count.
      Prize Pool(s)
    Minimum prize pool: 0.01 BTC If over 30 participants: 0.03 BTC If over 40 participants: 0.05 BTC If over 50 participants: 0.08 BTC
      How to Enter
    Respond to this topic, and link your bet IDs using the link function in the text editor. (Paste your bet id, then highlight and click on the link bet button, as shown in image below)
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    ramteke1 reacted to lupandina in CryptoGamblersPub | Exchange between/inside crypto gambling sites   
    You can just pm me if smth went not right
    Edited: As I see from ss, you choosed exchange from Primedice to Primedice, and as user mmm563 wasn't found in pd, tip failed. Will finish everything manualy.

    For next time, please make sure you filled correct data  Good luck! 😘
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    ramteke1 reacted to UltraChief in How can start with small profit and make it large safely without risk.   
    In short, No.
    The house always wins whatever method you try. However if you get lucky you may win big. But there is no guaranteed method to make you win every bet. If that was possible then the casino would go bankrupt - use your common sense - Would primedice be running for so long if that happened?
    Gambling should not be considered as a method to earn money. Its for entertainment and its better if you dont get addicted to it.
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    ramteke1 reacted to Kate in Genesis Global’s Bitcoin Loans Hit $553M   
    Well it's a good thing that they lend it out to big firms rather than some random people . Cause we know how cruel the world is.
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    ramteke1 reacted to lupandina in CryptoGamblersPub | Exchange between/inside crypto gambling sites   
    As small, as site's minimum tip limit allows
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    ramteke1 got a reaction from lupandina in CryptoGamblersPub | Exchange between/inside crypto gambling sites   
    nice job
    What is minimum amount for exchange?