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  1. Started with $50 deposit today and 2 hours later I came out with $1250
  2. pd: ileetoa because the community is amazing and this site helps me lose a lot
  3. Maybe a fun achievement would be "1337 Achievement" and one would have to roll 13.37 in order to receive it. The description can say (if there is one) "well done for being an elite roller"
  4. BTC will only keep going up... there's still so much time for it to grow.
  5. ileetoa

    Creepy movies

    Halloween series, Chucky series, and The Descent
  6. ileetoa

    Deep web

    i've seen some bad stuff man
  7. Excellent streamer. He bets safely and knows how to be careful with his reds. Could use a better mic
  8. Bitcoin is now worth over $3,000 CAD. So amazing to think something can grow so fast in just a couple of years.
  9. I played live blackjack at Caribic Casino.
  10. > dafuq u thinking bro? i was streaming and wanted it to go on for longer. ended up getting the opposite effect