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  1. Username: Dihru Joined date: 21.05.2017
  2. Username : Dihru Date : 18.07.17 13:30:30
  3. Well i share a good tip with less risk 11x payout 10% increase on loss base bet on win if you have 0.01 start with 100 base bet if you have 0.001 then start with 10 base bet change sides every 200 rolls dont forget if you dont change side you get busted at near 1k rolls
  4. Hahaha sad man Goodluck next time
  5. Dihru


    Welcome to PD and enjoy betting
  6. Hahaha that's when PD plays jokes on you. Next bet when you put all ur money in you get busted
  7. Ya it's save in wallet unless it's some fishy wallet lol
  8. Ya I get it those spammers could just create more accounts and spam the karma button with nothing to lose the new system is better