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  1. Japan and/or New Zealand ftw <3
  2. I don't need lol haha ^^ Honestly I prefer a comment on my topic than just someone dropping a upvote
  3. Some people gonna cry :'( RIP Reputation
  4. To all people quoted in this meme you guys are genius <3 This isn't criticism, these topics are actually legit.
  5. Haha much love brother. Yeah idk it does that to me too for some reason I guess this is a bug they'll fix it
  6. AND BACK FOR ANOTHER ! Recently been looking backwards on my own topics and posts since I registered on the forum Also suprisingly have seen a ton of sex and drugs topics and posts you guys are so naughty This is a caricature, not meant to hurt anyone feelings. If you get hurt come talk with me and we'll get through this together, I'll basically tell you you are a pussy and that I don't give a shit. ENJOY THIS BULLSHIT
  7. Very generous of you 3mily pd is Cordiceps
  8. I could do an avatar visual for you if you want ^^
  9. For my friends streamers in the earlier days of streaming lmao
  10. Lmao thanks man ?? I appreciate
  11. @lolgato i made a topic with memes I made they are less...savage though ^^
  12. hey bois username : Cordiceps Dunno if I will reach 150 I do not really count, only post when I feel like I have interesting stuff to say ^^