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  1. It took 5535 rolls and 10100 satoshis, but worth it! Bet:17754204414 P.S.: Can I win multiple times, or only once?
  2. This one is very easy to automate. If I were a faucet bot developer I would be very happy if they implement this. The other ideas (games, trivia, whatnot) are in the same page. If it can be automated, then it's gonna be abused. I'm not a bot developer, but I think the current captcha is the best one against bots.
  3. string input = "d8818b38a14e7461e87301ad4b9809b558bcbca816b650cd470452e018ada255"; Console.WriteLine(BitConverter.ToString(SHA256.Create().ComputeHash(Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(input))).Replace("-", "").ToLower());
  4. So many roll giveaway nowdays, I really should stop my preroll bot.
  5. I am fine with it. I think that captcha is one of the best out there.
  6. Hi! When someone makes a high, but invalid payout bet, it stays like that! What is invalid? This dice game has 10000 possible outcomes and the payout ranges from 1.01202x to 9900x. 9900 and 1.01202 has much more values than 10000 inbetween, therefore some values can be invalid, because of the limit of the 10000 results. For example: when somone inputs a 6599x payout the winning chance changes to 0.02%. However if you input the 0.02% the payout changes to 4950. So players can incorrectly think, if they input such invalid payout they can win much more. The only way these invalid payout values could be valid is if the game has much more than 10000 outcomes. How to fix? I have 2 ideas: Since the payout-winchance changes at every key input, I suggest to implement a small algorithm that checks if the input is valid and if not, notify the user with a tooltip, like it does when it's either too high or too low. This algorithm should run only when the payout is changed and it's a high payout (bigger than 10 or 100), since that's where these kind of mis-calculations could be problematic, whereas at smaller payouts it can be annoying. I attached an example image of this. After the player rolled, the returned response (which contains the valid payout multiplier) should change the payout field value. This one is less user friendly, since it changes the payout after the player has rolled. Maybe there are other, better solutions that I could not think of.
  7. As I said, there is no such payout. Only 9900x or 4950x. Here is a 4950x one: 17614561321
  8. If you don't believe me, just check what data your browser sends when you make a bet. Spoiler: only 3, the amount, the high/low state and the target (winning chance) It's a good idea to investigate the response as well (it contains the real multiplier).
  9. WRONG! I've seen others falling into it, so let me tell you something important: the payout is calculated from the win chance and not the other way around! So if you roll with 6599x, you roll with 0.02% and the payout for 0.02% is actually 4950x.
  10. Sadly, I'm 4.2 million behind. Too bad I use alt accounts to test my new strats.
  11. Nice! Good luck everyone! Primedice: toohoola Twitch: baugetty
  12. 1: VPNs are not that expensive, especially if you use it for abusively. Not to mention there are cheaper ways then VPN. (no, I'm not talking about Tor, Tor is the easiest one to block) 2: People won't shut down their VPN, because it's much safer than without it, thats why they use it. 3: Websites are mostly safe because of hackers. I'm not even sure if admins can see IP. Even, if they can, it could be a VPN. 4: Seriously? You watch too much movies. Why make something abusable and then run after those who abuse it, instead of creating something non-abusable? I tell you why! Because it's much more easier!
  13. Faucet is limited per IP and it's still abused, not to mention faucet has captcha too.
  14. Hi! It's about the indicator area again. I noticed that if I change the under/over on a 50% roll, the graphical display of the roll significantly changes. See my images: the red 5 is much closer to the 0 then the green 4. For me it's very annoying, since these visual responses affect my gameplay quite much. Not to mention it's probably the most viewed area of the site, so it has a big effect on players. Could you make it more precise and position aware, please?
  15. Hi! Could you make the indicator darker on places where it can't roll? I've made a sample in paint.
  16. I just had a chat with the live support. Let me quote them:
  17. PD: toohoola Name for you on twitch: EdEddWinning