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  1. nice one man. Once I had like 100k and I made 900k from that, My hands were shaking as I was playing at schoold in my iphone. Afte that i stopped counting on luck and simply withdrew the amount before I lost everything lol
  2. Yes we do need some improvements on that.
  3. No we dont there is nothingyou can do better with religion.
  4. Why would i use a bot if i can play my strategy without it?
  5. What would you do if u knew that today was ur last day?
  6. Start at 1k sat and double if you lose. Play50% chance that is my favorite strategy
  7. There is no way to prifit in the long run haha sorry
  8. hemelek


    Yo no consigo entender lo motivo de una persona pedir 0.01 btc y devolver en 1 dia con 30% de juros. No hace sentido!!
  9. Que pasaria? Isto seria muh bueno i me gustaria mucho haha
  10. I wish i could join it but im on mobile lol good luck for you
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    Cuales idiomas ustedes hablan ? Yo ablo ingles, espanhol y holandes. Talves no hable espanol tan bien como pueden ver
  12. Yo moro en netherlands, onde tu moras? Me gustaria saber
  13. That's right! I wonder how much it will be in like 2 years omg I will be rich lol
  14. Well i hope he doesnt retire man, so nice player
  15. How much do they pay approximately?
  16. Man i hate when these things happen. I was playing at 80% chance so I went from 0.01 to 0.03. After that i started playing 65 % and I lost 5 in a roll, I had like 0.023, so I tilted, went all in at 78 % and lost everything
  17. hemelek

    Deep web

    omg daysi's destruction... I've heard about that, I listened to the audio. Man that was horrifying
  18. There's nopoint in doing this. That's a waste of time in my opinion.
  19. It means no confirmations. what else could it mean to me?
  20. by the way, do happy hours still happen?
  21. hemelek

    Creepy movies

    Post you favorite creepy movies (not so famous ones pls) My list: Butterfly Effect (not exactly) The Gift It Follows Unfriended is the creepiest one
  22. mcome on, to me it's 32 years no sex.
  23. Ya this might happen out of control. Yes, that would be a real problem.