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  1. Posting to enter. Username: jemasons Thanks!
  2. Jadi, seperti judul di atas. Menurut agan, kenapa forum ini masih sepi?
  4. Go Post your favorite youtube channel ! Me :
  5. Sekarang sih lebih ke coin coin mahal gan.
  6. Hello salam kenal bro. Semoga nyaman di forum ini ya. Mari berteman
  7. My name is Jersey Mason, age 20 yesterday I was initially confused to write down the first thing that must be written in this forum. So, come to think of it helps me introduce myself first. So, much improved, here's my "official" introduction! I'm an first graduated. working in / for a company engaged in the distribution / sales of motorcycles and cars in Indonesia. maybe some of you want to buy a motorcycle or a car with the famous brand? You can contact me. LOL was just a joke, here I just want to find a friend not to sell hahaha Trading (or investing) in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is one of my hobbies, I love everything about the internet and also the reason I discovered this forum. i used to be very active on Facebook, Instagram and G+, but the initial excitement has long faded. I'm a social media addicted LOL. I guess a lot of you guys and girls feel the same way. I think the unwritten "rules" are to include FB and G+ links, to verify I do actually exist. Here they are: https://facebook.com/jrzeyocha https://plus.google.com/+jerseymason https://instagram.com/jerseymason Hope thats all not boring for you!
  8. Contohnya signature dll. Rajin2 nimbrung di forum aja gan Bounty yang kayak gimana sih gan ? bisa bagi linknya
  9. Seperti judul di atas gan,Kenapa pilih BTC dibanding coin yang lain? Jawab segokil mungkin
  10. iya gan. Selagi belum ada. Rajin post aja dlu. Hitung2 nabung buat masa depan wkwk