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  1. Signature: 0,002500 Gif Signature: 0,003000 Avatar: 0,002500 Gif Avatar: 0,003000 but first orders iam giving discount Thanksss <3 just made one for @Edward
  2. i dont know what betking is, but thanks man if you want me to make it better or if you have any wishes let me know thanks
  3. iam also make signatures for members for a cheap price
  4. i was 3 min to late it would be great if i can still get some money for it and make the design better and discuss with the admins
  5. I made this one for you hope you like it High Res: https://imgur.com/fyqi4qR
  6. My seconde entry: :))) i can make more if you want guys
  7. what do you mean sorry if you want me to make one for PrimeDice only, if you want i can make a design for you and make it realll nice
  8. Username: salimecka good quality: https://imgur.com/mRT0peB.png My entry:
  9. Its not done yet @Edward @MICRO @Zoltan @Vladimir @Serlite