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  1. cryptscoins - rishbish aint got time for this
  2. i was searching though my bets and came to end of allowed list then got error code OFFSET can'tt be above 200. You mistyped: can'tt *link to generate error code: https://primedice.com/transactions/bets?offset=210 bug bounty
  3. new seed hit 5 times on the left, so i took all my vault earning and yolod... the results are in
  4. Fiesta just gave away 100k to Zayna who asked for double or nothing... and the results are in. https://www.twitch.tv/fies7asiesta
  5. can u create an exchange Bot so i can change eth for btc? -cryptscoins
  6. can we get a command to list all coin prices at once like !price
  7. ok changed the loss increase from a standard increase per so many rounds to a smaller increase each round 1 sat 11% @10x dont reset ntill 2 hits withing 22 rolls w*11 =x | x - bets= y (prebet or bet) check the wins. multiply by 11 to get total count u should be at for that amount of wins. use that number to subtract from total bets to see how many looses ur due or ur over. use that y factor to determing whether to bet or not again take current win times 11 then subract total bets from that answer, if that answer is 11 or then star betting again so if wins is 72 then 72*11= 792 then => 792 neededbets- 741currentbets=51 which is > 11 variance so no bet yet a 11 variance means within 22 rolls of neededbets u begin to bet again. 20k was used to cover 1000 bets
  8. k dicebot script DoubleUp is running. tested at 2000 rolls made 10k
  9. ok so now i started to counet a full 11 rolls within a hit so if base > 1 and u hit within 11.. finsih the 11 count off and continue with the next 11. although i keep saying it, iwasnt practicing the 2 hits within 22 rolls. i kept restarting a new count after the 1st hit, thus limiting my rolls for the 2nd hit to occur. but think i got something good started. DOUBLEUP Strat in full force with large betting
  10. everytime i enter 0.00000012 into the bet input it changes to 0.00000011
  11. if bet > base then reset on 2 hits within 22 rolls
  12. test 19 mark 50 rolls was within average tolerance,proceeded to the final 100 rolls. u will notice at the final 100 rolls i hit exactly what is expected at 10x at 100 rolls 9 Wins 91 Loss = 1:11 ratio of PD declaration of 1 win per 10x !odds 1 wins 10x ChatBot: Odds of winning 1 bets in a row at 9.9000%: Once every 10.10 bets. which is actually 1 time every 11 rolls limit 100 check for profit at 50 mark