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  1. I want to buy now but the btc is so freaking high
  2. I encourage some of my office mates to do buy btc invest or to trade hahaha they still think its a acam
  3. Please send prayers to all casualties in tye said bombing/terrorist incident
  4. What strat should i use using my 0.005 btc
  5. Imagine its like 5php=1btc way back 2009 and now a 100+k thousand php hahaha if i invest 500php im millionaire now hahaha
  6. But still this is a big deal for me
  7. For me its, vladimir putin for now
  8. Im actually looking for something because i have an illness called erectile dysfunction and some says that using sex toys enhance sex life and im interested if someone reply in this post
  9. I felt sad about hat happening here in our country
  10. pd username:jaypogs24 I choose number 51 and 52!
  11. At first, it says that i already claimed my 1week faucet and now i cant login because it says "unauthorized" my pd username is:jaypee1996