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  1. that's some bloody bet you got there mate.
  2. best time for sex is when you are drunk.
  3. Baby

    Which pet to buy?

    A Golden Retriever is my choice since its easy to train.
  4. i stop playing 2x when i got 19 reds in a row and 4 times a day fuck.
  5. this is a great idea but i only knew 3 countries who are using atm bitcoin
  6. In the worst case scenario the feeling of failing for trying is the worse feeling like i'm dying to for trying.
  7. i tried eating baby monkey brain its very delicious.
  8. Anony[/member] Why is it that if put our money INTO primedice "deposit" it will just go in less than an hour" BUT if we get our money from Primedice into our personal wallet Takes a year " WITHDRAWAL" fuck.
  9. i hate to explain again and again when people ask me about bitcoin and primedice
  10. EDward announced about the end of forum pay per post because of the spammer and other reasons but what will happen with 4th Talkative PrimeDice Forum Member Giveaway - Free 0.02 BTC!? is it gonna push through or not anymore? since 5 days after edward posted the announcement pd pay per post will end
  11. its really good for me it makes your stomach felt like your full
  12. i hate sugar it can destroy your body
  13. my first deposit was .05 btc and i won .4 btc after that.
  14. greedy is good as we all know make a green more.