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  1. yah thats nice. Sometimes bonus is an issue...
  2. Username: Playaboii Interesting giveaway... i like it... this is going to be fun
  3. i usually do 12x with 8.8% on loss when u have a decent balance of 200k-500k and base bet i would say 100 satoshi .... and just let it run for a little while... at least for 5 or 6 wins... then change base bet a lil... like.. 125 satoshi.... then let it hit a few wins... and just slightly modify base bets from time to time. if it starts climbing up in reds... atop auto and whatever the value is at... 1/2 (half the bet 2x times) and continue
  4. oooh! i am on it like flies on sh**t! i am gonna win
  5. There will be lucky days to come... Dont Trip - Potatoe Chip
  6. Hi 3mily!! Y' already know its me Playaboii!!
  7. Awesome Giveaway... i should be almost qualified lol
  8. I feel ya lolgato, few weeks back i went from .25 btc at another site - to 4 btc in 30 min.... only to bust later that nite in 10 min flat. One wrong roll, one mis-caclulation - and it cost me big time. Now i am trying to scrounge up and scrape my wallets clean to try to recover my heavy loss... This last week has been my worst week ever... no solid wins all week.... I hope next week will have a better outcome and that i get enough coin to recover with... Back on that Grind! I hope u recover all your losses and be back in profit!!
  9. I would have to say GodBlessU is my fave... i like blessings My Username: Playaboii lol