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  1. yup low bet's , i remember catosa 3x player he hits on high roller 3x 12or13green in row
  2. i got 9green 3x , and how much u got 3x green max http://prntscr.com/erunjo
  3. singpays

    I am Bojana

    Nice to meet u bojana. Can u teach me English. my english is very bad :-\
  4. Robs u r 2nd hui 9900x king . i miss hui hits 9900x
  5. same my ref are dead to lol left only 6satoshi (
  6. Which primedice user got big affililate earn . and show u r affiliate how much u earn my affliliate earn http://prntscr.com/eq98qr and ur post the image guy
  7. Negan is awesome guy in pd , and also smart ProGame lol very high odds betting , he recover lost with profit
  8. Wagered competition missing in pd .. this is best idea wagered competition who make big wagered prize well good to many ppl interested and High roller players hop my idea was good
  9. username : singpays Lvl : Hero Member
  10. Yup i remember that u buying hayabusa , u up 50Btc hop u r back old days
  11. hehe thanks guys and Edward <3 Since my 1st gambling site is Primedice i start faucet , i happy with i connected in pd4 , just waiting pd5
  12. TOP 10 PROFIT AND WAGERED USER'S http://prntscr.com/epcokr
  13. singpays

    Hello All!

    I remember u xchg love u buddy
  14. I remember NIL and POCKERJET OLD MOD, HE HITS 2X AWESOME :-*
  15. oh yah buddy changing avatar :
  16. Thanks all and try u to guys hop big won
  17. i got 2x 13green in row from faucet http://prntscr.com/ejw343