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  1. gwapo what ur best strategy u playing , and how the long ur profit run , i know u made much profit in pd or other sites
  2. this not playing for fun lol 1btc is like 10k$+ is that fun , do u now when ppl playing fun like 2014 , alot's of playing 50btc bets in pd2 or pd3 and won biggest and loss also biggest , i'm sure ppl not playing fun
  3. i can't to but fml all time using max when i have good balance some time win's , or max loss i'm so greedy =|
  4. many time i run autobet 3days and 5days but this time i run only for 1hour and like 6hours no idea what happen not run long this days 24/7 . some time i bust in 1min long reds how can i managed or new strategy , i will trying new strategy hope success full for 5 or 3days no bust =|
  5. do u like this one my xrp but some time i fkuped or i greedy in all coin's =|
  6. rainbot bot is like every one no one want another bot's , i suggest new bot is like caught er the scammer's this is real bot want
  7. when u deposit u all time made profit 2x or bust , how much cashout ur ?
  8. damn man i remember u r withdrawal crazy since 2015 or 16 i guess , hope u again start wining big
  9. look again btc drop and alt coin up , now hope so ltc drop more after buying hope so is touch 100$ so profit all also doge drama price
  10. i got 98% 170green in row yesterday and 5x 5green but 99x in row 2 all peroll
  11. how much u drop bitcoin in gambling since when bitcoin start or how much u won , i guses ur up to much when bitcoin not expensive
  12. waiting for end mining and let's see the price , hope biggest exchange site no scam like mtgox so is good for 55k$ or 100k$ price race up lets see only few month and what happen's bitcoin life😓
  13. 41reds its normal , i got 68reds 4x and 144reds 5x 😥 best playing more high odds cuz end of bust one hit game changed 😯
  14. 6year experience in primedice , i have no issues in pd 1000% is safe casino , i remember akcoinminer live playing and 3days up 700btc he up and cashout after loss but own his fault.. the withdrawal is instantly all time i received