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  1. singpays

    Long time yolo bet 15btc

    lucky 77777 guy lol he up 9+
  2. singpays

    Long time yolo bet 15btc

    Awesome wining 3377777fj, 15btc bet damn like a $$$103,000$$$ . congrats 33777777fj go more yolo , happy to see u in pd enjoy the win gl
  3. singpays

    Daily Bitcoin Memes

  4. singpays

    First gambling site

    my 1st gambling site PRIMEDICE and 2nd Justdice πŸ˜‰
  5. singpays

    How to never bust in x2 payout

    If u want to never ever bust in 2x , try 0.00000000 bet u feeling never bust πŸ˜‰ no chance to 100% win in gambling , some time win some time loss in gambling 😌
  6. singpays

    My PD Anniversary. 😎πŸ’₯πŸŽ‰

    Better day better profit congrats dmbal
  7. if u have balance good so result is good 10x and u use every odds bankrupt is important
  8. I think Stellar Breaking "All time high up" My prediction 0.0001 highest this end of year, and your's
  9. singpays

    How you start gambling

    My 1st gambling site is *PRIMEDICE* i start faucet and i made 0.0005 and withdrawl my 1st btc i have no word's for primedice admin lovely and fair site PRIMEDICE πŸ‘
  10. i playing 2x 5x i really cool 5x using and 89x so all time perfect me wining this multiplier πŸ˜‚ best of me 5x
  11. singpays

    Master of Recovery

    ur idea was goood , know your finally recover congrats frogy
  12. oh nice anonnep good exchange when i play other site i ask u for exchange, moment only pd stake
  13. singpays

    What would you do if you hit Jackpot?

    hop so hit full jackpot
  14. gl olegbarca make big
  15. singpays

    200 free airdrops annual of 20$ each

    i will joining frogy thanks sharing