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  1. singpays

    What do you expect from PD moderators?

    My suggestion to admins , give the best power him to new mod's like ur's power (A) <-- A tag for best new mod's 😷
  2. I want @bojana tag or #tag bojanana hop u see give me B
  3. Z, i don't understand but i like ur topic this
  4. nice competition 2019mbtc new year new number ☺️ gl every one
  5. singpays

    πŸŽ„ [Tournament] Christmas Season

    nice Dan top 100 is good prize
  6. no buying ico's tell him lol u know it ICO are shit πŸ˜‚
  7. singpays

    From 6 to 100 ETH Challenge

    keep it up and goodluck windsfun :)
  8. i using this site like 2016 , how long u using this site's , i alot earning ptc sites or paidtosingup neobux i earn alot , and i also remember this site naturebucks is awesome site he paid 50$ in a day but its off my bad
  9. singpays

    Roshtein 103k slot win

    he is wining real or fake , what is means 51800 coin its btc or Euro ?
  10. singpays

    What makes you stay at Primedice?

    Primedice is my home so i stay in 5year etc more reson's so short is PDHOME πŸ˜‰
  11. singpays

    1BTC Challenge

    very lucky ur 70k to 1coin windsfun , i remember pd3 one user made 0.1 to 100btc+ after loss half or maybe all 😊 but can do it more is hard me
  12. this is not master number's , this is fashion number
  13. singpays

    What do you expect from PD moderators?

  14. singpays

    Dream about Jackpot

    this is not a Drama jackpot @Zoltan twice hit in 77.77 but wager 0.000000 see the prize jackpot
  15. singpays

    Claiming Prizes

    oh shit i have not wagered my account 100btc no claim in 2nd time miss biggest offer