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  1. personally I see it being around 50-65k
  2. ah seems they fixed it then because earlier today I know it was still working for people
  3. I believe if you register through the Binance launch pad you'll be able to bypass the registration block for new users rn
  4. Yea I use them too and overall I like using them but they do got some issues they gotta fix.The issue of not being able to trade with decimals and only whole number is annoying and leads too a lot of dust on your account (Small amounts of a currency you can't do anything with) and it can add up.You can use it's BNB feature to help prevent this but still its gotta be fixed
  5. Happy New Years to everyone We all going to be making plays in 2018
  6. Speaking facts but I guess resolutions can help some ppl change their mindset but I feel like for most it doesn't really change anything lol.It's mostly something people are just wishing for
  7. yes depending on what you you're trying to do you can exchange your BTC to something more private like Monero through sites like shapeshift (apparently they might be in bed with Law Enforcement so be aware), or xmr.to which is another good site
  8. Somehow after betting on PD for only a little (like a day or 2 of experience) I managed to turn like 0.08 to 3.3 BTC and at the time I had no idea wtf I was doing and I was mad happy, now that I look back I realize it was some crazy ass ruthless betting like I had balls of steel that got me to 3+BTC.Maybe I gotta try that again sometime
  9. It would be a little better I think 250k would be ideal tho
  10. yea true but I think at least a 100-200k min withdraw is more reasonable than 400k I mean anything less is better tbh especially as the price keeps getting higher