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  1. Coolio

    My first shortfilm

    That was brilliant! @Hakar_yusuf Got sucked in as soon as I played it
  2. Coolio

    0.01 Giveaway

    0.2576839 pd: Kuz345
  3. Coolio

    My first 9900x <3

    Clever. Takes alot of balance to do that though
  4. Coolio

    My first 9900x <3

    Which strategy is this? I would like to know ^.^
  5. Coolio

    My first 9900x <3

    Nice hit @Carollzinha ! Those are hard to chase; I've been trying to chase one for like 4000 rolls -.-
  6. Coolio

    0.000648 BTC up to 3 BTC per day

    Can someone lock this thread? @Kristoffff
  7. Coolio

    🏆 Follow the format giveaway!

    Username: Coolio Joined Date: 02.07.2015
  8. Coolio

    About to withdraw but..

    Damn @zale023 that sucks I hope you recover soon bud
  9. PD: Coolio Twitch: Coolio4567 Good luck Oleg
  10. Username: Kuz345 date: 18.07.2017 23:23:15
  11. Coolio

    2 Million Users Giveaway!

    PD Name: Coolio
  12. Coolio

    DMTripp27 Live Stream 2HR's

    Good luck david