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  1. Br1 saan at pano inaayos yun? Naka mobile ako tapos yung isang device ko ipad naman. Ganito lang siya palagi.
  2. Hindi ako makalaro today. Ayaw magload ng primedice sa phone ko, blue screen lang palagi. Tinry ko rin sa obang device, same din. Nagrefresh at nagclear na rin ako ng data and cookies same pa rin. May nakakaexperience rin ba ng ganito sa inyo?
  3. Username: xtinbit thanks edward!
  4. Hey can anyone help me out. I couldnt find where icould check my forum credits? Im on mobile btw. How do i see it? Im planning to cash it out. Thanks!
  5. Username: xtinbit Joined date: 1.06.2016
  6. Xtinbit


    Now coins is chsrging for transaction fees. What the hell. Before it used to be totally free. Then they initiated the low med high thing and LOW is free if you send 200k l. Now, theres no choice. They charge 0.0005 for low transactions? This is bull!!!
  7. Hey guys. I joined this. When will the prizes be credited?
  8. I also think that we should ammend our election protocols and rules. I mean, if the president and vice president arr from different opposing parties, then their views are different from each other. How will u be able to promote unity if your own president and vice president are not jn agreement with each other? Dapat whoever president wins, his vp should be the one seated.
  9. I am not siding on the president or the yellows, but in my opinion, Leni couldnt do much about the govt since the president wont let her. She wasnt assigned a significant cabinet position, also,when the president left, he assigned his cabinet members to make decisions for him specifically and not the vice president which in reality should be a given because thats solely her role, to make decisions when the president is not available to do so like when he is in another country. But the president specifically made a memo that t will not be leni but his cabinet members who will act kn his behalf. I think this is the reason why leni's presence is not always seen.
  10. I could help on this one. Ive wagered a lot and it would be nice to share btcs to those who deserve it.
  11. I totally Vito for a NIGHT MODE option. Im not sure if everyone or a lot of players use their mo ile or laptops to play. And im pretty sure there are some who experience eye strains especially when playing at night and the prinedice screen is majority in white background that appears blinding when used to play at night. So maybe a nightmode option where the user just clicks or ticks it somewhere on the screen and it would automatically invert the colors to dark gray or black. Thanks for hearing me out!