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  1. wait a litle bit. it maybe fall again
  2. if BTC disapeared NOW how much will you lose
  3. edward because he could make a lot of people losing them money , in a smart way
  4. i have no idea about stellar price these days, but better invest on doge and eth,
  5. What was the happiest moment of your life? for me it was when i remet my friend after 10 years.that was super emotional
  6. OLDMAN? whats wrong with you? Ronaldo - 1985 february 5 (32) Messi - 1987 june 24 (29) hahaha he might think crestiano is messi.
  7. its not a bad idea at all. they might make a test or so
  8. what you think avout this guys ? Should marijuana be legalized?
  9. how good you are in kitchen and what is your favorit meal ?