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  1. congratulations Mladen, i am late but its okay
  2. no for minor ? lol !!!! they dont even allowed to register in this forum; we are all adults
  3. come on guys lets make edward show himself
  4. If you catched your partner sleaping with other, you do what ?
  5. good luck edward if i ever won . just send credits.lol
  6. praying to god to forgive me, and spend the rest of my time with family
  7. i dont think so, any sources please
  8. if you can write a book about your life, what will you choose as title ?
  9. VIPBOX bro is the good ite for you to stream and watch the game live. thank you .
  10. wtf ? why would i do that ? never
  11. i think if they left it 0.05 that would be cool. but now we will see a spam rollers not high rollers
  12. i want to watch the NBA online. i couldnt find sites to watch it online... do you guys know any site to watch it ? please help thnx