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  1. when i have seen my best friend dying with cancer, i noticed that you can never buy health with money, life is good let us be so grateful fo this cheers
  2. the question for men . and women can also share, if you were a man what would you say ?
  3. when i almost died because of nothing ! fear
  4. it was last year. and lost it all
  5. welcome hemelek to the forum
  6. any one has a good explanation about how the algorithms of btc ? i was looking for it but no result yet. share your ideas if you know how it works
  7. i dont think so. because if he really exists he would show himself from time to time. not hiding in that bitcointalk i think stunna is the other account of edward. edward is the only owner of PD
  8. lets be honest guys . if you get an extra 5BTC to gamble it in only one gambling site. what would you choose
  9. trading is so dificult. i dont even know how to start. thnx for the infos
  10. i want to buy some coins. but i dont know when to do it ... im afraid if i bought it then it crashs and im afraid if i didnt then it rises more any suggestions ?
  11. Any good way to make a penis bigger? my penis is 6 inches i want to make it 8 inches at lease
  12. no other websites. primedice is the best the fairest and the number1 gambling site. if you dont agree . give me a link of another site and let me see what they got..
  13. i want to make a depo but i don't know what should i do to make it big. i have seen a lot of high rollers making good profit. my problem is that i dont know when to stop and i cant stop when i lose i m always running behind recovering which means losing more any suggestion ?
  14. yes sure, try to download btcmaker from play store thank you gonna try it
  15. any way to win btc from android apps ?