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  1. online and to prefer to work online
  2. Hi Dihru, nice avatar, hope you enjoy your stay forever here on the forum!
  3. Indeed! We will be surprised soon when this suggestions will be implemented!
  4. Wow only few numbers left, I hope to get that reward!
  5. An advise from a rehabilitated gambler said that you should not think about your loss but forget about it and move on, start a fresh start!
  6. Children are among the victims, so sad even the innocent ones are becoming part of some terror attacks :-[
  7. lycavios


    Miembros hispanohablantes, Hola!
  8. I was brought here because of the mission, the first pay per post forum.
  9. Wow! great lay-out on the members list, thank you Primedice!
  10. Rainmakers are a good help to a person, just like a personal assistant doing things for a vip person.
  11. Thank you for the tips, I use fresh aloevera on my skin and just leave it for some time.
  12. I am the one of the best in the kitchen especially on preparing dinner. Just leave some vegetables and some fish or meat white, red or pork and I will prepare a good dinner for you!
  13. lycavios


    Hello V! welcome and have fun!
  14. My prayers for all the victims, I hope that the culprits will be caught and be punished. :-[