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  1. Once 3500 sat to 0.5 BTC And 0.01 LTC to 0.13 BTC
  2. I sold my first BTC for $250
  3. And there was a topic back then that you would get 0.1 btc after the implement the idea. They closed that topic quickly, gathered a lot of ideas and start implement them later without rewarding the users.
  4. the concept is really good, i am just waiting for the reward for implementing this idea. but looks like it was a fake promo of PD
  5. Indeed, tags are always good. The more the better
  6. Just use even dice site on mobile. If the site is good, they will have a good mobile page. Some sites even got a Telegram Bot to play with.
  7. Like most idea's of Edward it will never happen. 🤣
  8. You can just let admins know they may always send some compenstation for stealing the idea
  9. Almost doesn't count.
  10. Well my idea was in the right sub topic but they stopped the promo few days later. It was just a way to collect a lot of ideas, stop the promotion and implement the ideas later without rewarding the users. I can easily great a lot of those ''fake' promotions.
  11. First thing I would do is pressing F5. Just to check it's still there. Then just return it.
  12. In the meantime a lot have changed. A lot if currencies have been added. Check out all the updates here https://duckdice.com/change-log
  13. Finally, like to see some more coins here like XVG 😛
  14. 10 sat, damn. Where is the time the faucets where still big
  15. I got one time 7 greens in a row on 9.9% ;-) Don't know my best record on 1.1x, on 1.25x it was 83 greens in a row.
  16. 12 times isn't that uncommon. Everything higher then multiplier x 10 become rare.
  17. Maybe I come back when the roll speed is much faster then now. Now it's damn slow
  18. That was nice. I couldn't find the bet.