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  1. dre1982

    PD promotion?

    You can just let admins know they may always send some compenstation for stealing the idea
  2. dre1982

    I Love 9900x

    Almost doesn't count.
  3. dre1982

    PD promotion?

    Well my idea was in the right sub topic but they stopped the promo few days later. It was just a way to collect a lot of ideas, stop the promotion and implement the ideas later without rewarding the users. I can easily great a lot of those ''fake' promotions.
  4. dre1982

    If someone accidentally tips you 1 BTC?

    First thing I would do is pressing F5. Just to check it's still there. Then just return it.
  5. dre1982


    In the meantime a lot have changed. A lot if currencies have been added. Check out all the updates here https://duckdice.com/change-log
  6. dre1982

    📢 Ethereum Launched!

    Finally, like to see some more coins here like XVG 😛
  7. it's legit, you were just unlucky
  8. dre1982

    What is the best multiplier?

    9900x by far 😛
  9. dre1982

    The free Faucet will not increase anymore?

    10 sat, damn. Where is the time the faucets where still big
  10. dre1982

    Expert on 1.10X (90%)

    I got one time 7 greens in a row on 9.9% ;-) Don't know my best record on 1.1x, on 1.25x it was 83 greens in a row.
  11. dre1982

    Site down

    Here too
  12. 12 times isn't that uncommon. Everything higher then multiplier x 10 become rare.
  13. 0.4 and lost it in 1 roll on 1.25x