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  1. i think is was on PD4 i dont remember well, cause was long time ago ^^ . i registered late summer 2014 , good old time ^^ i also have a lot of good memories with Primedice , its a great place dat why im still here ^^ Good job Primedice .
  2. cryptos_fr

    What is your goal?

    My goal, , HAVING FUN ^^ For me its the most important if i want to reach common long term goals ^^ Until i like what i do i can continue to progress , learn and dat make long term goals more easier ^^ . I also repeat it myself not every day but lot , its help ^^
  3. cryptos_fr

    2018 World cup draws

    france won, so its my favorite for World cup final, lets see tomorow if croatia or england win . Its gonna be a close game like last demi-final but i root for croatia ^^
  4. cryptos_fr

    RIP Martingale

    Simple advice ; just split your balance, dont use it all on a martingal strategy . put yourself a goal, once you reach dat goal , split your balance again and continue your martingale with a tiny amount of your balance,
  5. cryptos_fr

    OlegBarca's Stream #215! Giveaways!!!!!Stake!!!!

    good luck ^^ 5Jack and high high high^^
  6. cryptos_fr

    Big step in censoring the internet

    signed , i live in france so i feel conserned and i also use a lot internet .... internet is the only free speach space actually, rip main stream media like TV or press in my opinion. I dont expect anything from European union , they dont really care of us ...sadly. I Wish a decentralized internet like a blockchain , would be great ^^ and our only savior , like decentralized money ^^
  7. cryptos_fr


    Do you heard about Verge ? an altcoin . its a Dogecoin fork ^^ , named dogecoin dark and then renamed Verge .... Sure doge is a stable like all no liquidity coins .....
  8. cryptos_fr

    Pre-rolls and Hit big.

    already used a pre-roll stategy but not for a big hit like x99 or higher , i prefer use pre-roll on a 50-50 strategy . Next time i will try this for a big hit , maybe its gonna works ^^
  9. 15.94 Bet: 23,066,581,833 placed by punf on 08/07/2018 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 1.02x Profit 0.00000002 19.56 Bet: 23,066,587,708 placed by punf on 08/07/2018 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 1.02x Profit 0.00000002 95.67 Bet: 23,066,817,292 placed by punf on 08/07/2018 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 1.02x Profit 0.00000002
  10. cryptos_fr

    Satoshi Nakamoto is back ?

    It’s been years since Satoshi Nakamoto has made any public writings. But all of sudden, he’s back—or at least many think he is. On June 29, someone claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto posted a 21-page excerpt from what he claims to be a literary work. In the excerpt, he promises to reveal his full identity soon..... source : https://safehaven.com/article/45744/A-Strange-New-Twist-In-The-Satoshi-Nakamoto-Saga here is the excerpt: https://fr.scribd.com/document/383438390/Duality#from_embed What are your thoughts?
  11. Personnaly i called it Martinfail , cause its always fail . Its a really powerfulll strategy if you have enough balance for it , or luck ^^ . I got 28 times bad hit on 50% winrate martingale so everything is possible. My advice : split your balance if you want to do martingal and once you reach your goal split it again , etc etc. Good luck with Mister Martin Fail ^^
  12. cryptos_fr

    2018 World cup draws

    Nice predict , 3 good , only one wrong about russia-croatia but it was really close . Personnaly i betted on france and england , dat was some obvious win in my opinion . Belgium-brazil was a surprise , belgium played really well. What do you predict for semi final ? ^^ both games are really hard to predict imo . France-Belgium : Gonna be a great game but i dont know who gonna win, even if i root for france ^^ England -Croatia : Same , really hard to predict
  13. july and summer are usually a quiet time for BTC, so i dont expect a big pump or dump . my peredict for this month is a high at 8k3, maybe 8k1 at the end of the month and a range between 8k5-8k for august ... waitting septembre for a real direction . lets wait and see . hope im wrong and Btc go above 8k5 ^^... but people are more focus on they vacation actually , not in business/invest
  14. Litecoin distribution is just horrible, LTC is mainly hold by huge whales .... so if you want to invest on it good luck little krill ^^ Personnaly i prefer ETH by far , i think ETH will be the first marketcap in few years and LTC gonna be out of the top 10 marketcap ... its just my opinion , let see in 2-3 years ^^
  15. cryptos_fr

    Earn XP coin with Steam (Idle)

    thanks for sharing, i gonna look more about this coin and xp projet . good luck to you , thanks again