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  1. Lotteries can be fun, but I just don't see the need for one here. There are sites that offer a lottery, but I don't see PD adding one.
  2. I used to be the same way with Plinko, but it has been very bad to me lately. I still prefer dice over the other games.
  3. That is pretty impressive. I once had a great hit of about $2500 on a 900x hit, then I hit it again for about $1000 within 100 rolls.
  4. I have always found it best to keep fun expenses separate from living expenses. Mixing the 2 can be a very bad idea...
  5. Best of luck! It is hit and miss. I have been lucky to hit it a few times within a day, but sometimes go weeks without hitting it...
  6. Very good movie! I also love the Deadpool movies. Also Shawshank Redemption will always be a favorite of mine.
  7. That is true. If I feel like running auto bet and hunting while doing other things, I'll vault some away so that I don't bust everything.
  8. Working up from $0 to $100 is not an easy task. Best of luck with your goal.
  9. If I did this I would surely lose, just my luck lately.
  10. That would be an interesting way to do it, though I'm not sure they would implement it this way. Since it is a freebie, it would be much easier to reach a cash out amount with a lump sum as compared to hourly smaller amounts.
  11. This used to be very true for me as well. By setting goals and making a plan, I have been much better at cashing out when ahead. Greed still gets the best of me from time to time, but not as much as it used to.
  12. I do this as well. It is a good way not only to track wins and losses, but also to find the strats that work best for me.
  13. There are so many new TV series starting in the next couple weeks. Hopefully there are some good ones, since most of my favorites have now ended.
  14. I am also still a bit in the negative overall. Working on getting my stats back to even slowly but surely. A couple of good sized wins should get me there, so patiently hunting.
  15. I have been doing the same lately, keeping about 50% locked up. It is a nice way to limit my losses, especially if I am hunting large multipliers on auto.
  16. It has definitely come in handy as I get closer and closer to VIP. With the price of crypto jumping up and down so much lately, it makes it much easier to tell how much more progress is needed instead of manually trying to calculate it.
  17. I have to admit that I have found the vault pretty nice recently. I used to always just withdraw, but have been using the vault more and more to store coins when hunting so that it limits my balance when hunting.
  18. I also rarely exchange coins anymore. I used to do it quite frequently, but recently I have been mostly sticking to playing with BTC.
  19. This is true. If I am hunting I will just let auto bet take care of it. But if I am playing normally, I will generally take a short break every couple of hours if not more often.
  20. I'm not sure it really needs a boost, as there are tons of loyal players here. It is still one of the most popular dicing sites there are right now...
  21. I am sure you will get there bro. Looking forward to getting back on there myself.
  22. Yeah, I believe there is a topic about this somewhere on the forum. I tried searching it before, but didn't find it right away. Thanks for the post.
  23. I would think it is because there is not as much to update on PD. Stake has a lot more games and such, and PD is a more simple site with only Dice so not as many updates are needed.