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  1. There are so many new TV series starting in the next couple weeks. Hopefully there are some good ones, since most of my favorites have now ended.
  2. I am also still a bit in the negative overall. Working on getting my stats back to even slowly but surely. A couple of good sized wins should get me there, so patiently hunting.
  3. I have been doing the same lately, keeping about 50% locked up. It is a nice way to limit my losses, especially if I am hunting large multipliers on auto.
  4. It has definitely come in handy as I get closer and closer to VIP. With the price of crypto jumping up and down so much lately, it makes it much easier to tell how much more progress is needed instead of manually trying to calculate it.
  5. I have to admit that I have found the vault pretty nice recently. I used to always just withdraw, but have been using the vault more and more to store coins when hunting so that it limits my balance when hunting.
  6. I also rarely exchange coins anymore. I used to do it quite frequently, but recently I have been mostly sticking to playing with BTC.
  7. This is true. If I am hunting I will just let auto bet take care of it. But if I am playing normally, I will generally take a short break every couple of hours if not more often.
  8. I'm not sure it really needs a boost, as there are tons of loyal players here. It is still one of the most popular dicing sites there are right now...
  9. I am sure you will get there bro. Looking forward to getting back on there myself.
  10. Yeah, I believe there is a topic about this somewhere on the forum. I tried searching it before, but didn't find it right away. Thanks for the post.
  11. I would think it is because there is not as much to update on PD. Stake has a lot more games and such, and PD is a more simple site with only Dice so not as many updates are needed.
  12. My favorite payout to try to wager a lot with trying to minimize losses is 1.15 or 1.2x. I'll just set it on auto with 1000 sats or so bet and let it run, I use this strat in races quite often as well.
  13. That is absolutely true. We have no control over the outcome, we just have to hope we get lucky enough to pick the correct payout when it hits.
  14. I agree as far as liking and playing at Stake more, but I do still prefer playing Dice at PD rather than Stake. I love all the other games at Stake though...
  15. I have been doin the same thing with pretty good results. I haven't yet played a lot with XRP here, but plan to play with it more.
  16. I have started keeping a similar sheet with my results. It has worked in helping me analyze my play and make better decisions.
  17. It is true that it is too few rolls, but that's the way I do it. I never play it too long because it can be a balance drainer. There have been several occasions where I have hit it in the first 500 rolls.
  18. I agree. Playing to long at one time can be a bad thing. The longer I play, it seems the more complacent I get and it definitely can affect my play.
  19. That would be a fun one... why not then change it to "lmao"? 😊 I'm not really sure what I would change to... maybe PDBusted since that's what I tend to do lately.
  20. Being able to double your deposit using 1.1x is pretty impressive. I almost always get beat up when I use it which is very rare.
  21. I think that is the only way I would do it is if I am hunting a huge multiplier on one tab and playing more normally on the other as well. It can cause some issues though, so not really sure it is a good idea...
  22. Haha that is very true. I don't see it ever happening, but it would be nice!