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  1. I generally start out slow and get faster after some profits. Sometimes I do start fast with riskier bets, but in generally I try to play slow and steady...
  2. Absolutely true. All of the "this is rigged" talk is just getting old, and always spewed by those that are losing. Provably fair exists for a reason....
  3. I don't necessarily think the ones here are any easier, some of the roll # hunts can take a very long time to hit. Luck play a large factor in the challenges, so getting lucky is the biggest factor...
  4. I'm not sure it is that there aren't many ideas left, I just don't think the forum is as popular as it once was. There is always something new to talk about when it comes to crypto/gambling, I just don't think many visit as often as they use to.
  5. Lately I have to admit I have been focusing a bit more on wager amount than normal, but still looking for profit. Leveling up as a VIP doesn't make any difference if you have no funds to take advantage of the perks.
  6. That is true that they are very different. Just thinking they have not spent much time or effort on promoting PD lately, but I also don't think there is much need to...
  7. We definitely need luck and a good seed for sure. Some seeds have a lot more highs than lows in a row and vice versa.
  8. I also change strats and payouts for recovery. The best way I have found is using a 1.15x or 1.2x payout.
  9. I generally play them the same way. Some of them take quite a few bets to hit, so this is the best way I can minimize losses.
  10. Absolutely true. I am horrible at recruiting though. There are definitely ways that PD could be promoted better than it has been, it just seems the team is much more focused on Stake at the moment.
  11. That is very true. I am not sure how a rest can help in hitting whatever you are hunting. I just set it on auto and let it go, whether I am paying attention or not...
  12. Very true. Why is it that the max number of reds in a row we see is always higher than the number of greens in a row? lol.
  13. I didn't realize we could do that.... thanks for the info. Definitely comes in handy!
  14. Only 6000 reds in a row is your max? If that was the case, I'd play it non stop as it is always +EV. I generally don't let it run too long and just try to get a lucky hit, but have heard of well over 100k reds many times....
  15. I used to always play within my comfort zone, and always played the same 2-3 strats at all times. More recently I have ventured outside of it and found the results to be much better when taking more risks.
  16. I usually play much more at night than I do in the morning. For some odd reason I never seem to have luck during the early mornings, so I try to avoid playing then.
  17. I also found out about PD from some friends on another crypto gambling site. I won't mention the name, but at the time a lot of folks were leaving there to come play here...
  18. This is basically the way I approach the as well. In general they are fairly easy to complete within a few hours with minimal losses if I play this way.
  19. In general, I will try to only deposit once a day at most. If I happen to bust my deposit, I will give up for the day and try again the next or a few days later. This keeps me from trying to chase losses to aggressively after a bust...