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  1. That is very true. There is always someone around that will take care of the situation pretty quickly. Most of them just do it for the attention as you mentioned, so I just don't give that to them.
  2. Hahaha that is classic. That should have taught him not to act like a douche, as it always seems to come back to that person. I hardly ever post bets anymore just to avoid all the drama.
  3. I have used the ignore options more times than I ever thought I would here. I honestly don't care anymore either... lol. There are too many folks I think that just enjoy bringing drama everywhere they go.
  4. All very good points here! Switching up strategies and techniques is very important in my opinion to maximize the chances of winning and minimizing losses. If we go in with the thought that we are going to double up quickly or have an easy time getting nice wins, we are playing right into the hands of the casino.
  5. Absolutely right man. This is over 2 years old, I'm not sure why they don't go through and close a bunch of these.
  6. I also go to a real casino to have fun with my friends, but winning big definitely makes it more fun!
  7. Having a plan and setting a goal for profit is really the only way to win somewhat consistently in my mind. So when you deposit you just play all willy nilly? At what point do you think you have made enough profit to withdraw?
  8. Greed can lead to a lot of big losses. That is the way some always play though, so if that's the case you have to be able to deal with the losses but hopefully recover them. 😊
  9. We have to do whatever we can to minimize losses and capitalize on wins. Always having a goal and making a plan goes a long way to being even a little successful. If we play smartly and are disciplined in our approach it greatly increases our chances of reaching our daily/monthly goals.
  10. I am not 100% sure, but I that is how I read it. I've been wrong before though...
  11. I think so too. It is much better try to control and minimize our losses so that they are fairly easy to recover if it comes to that.
  12. To be honest, I probably wouldn't wait until Bitcoin drops to $8000, it may or may not, but you have to thing that if it does the altcoins will likely drop as well. I sold off some of mine already just in case. I'm not trying to give advice, just an observation.
  13. I believe he means that for the race he was able to wager 0.2btc with only a 2000 sat balance.
  14. This is what I am thinking as well, but he has not actually clarified himself that this is the case. I would have to imagine that somewhere between 1.25 and 1.5x makes sense.
  15. Haha that is what we all hope for right!? One big winning day is better than 30 small winning days in a row for sure...
  16. That is some crazy betting there. Some nice wins but big losses also. I have never done well with 1.5x in the long run.
  17. I am the same way, as I don't pay attention to each roll number unless I am hunting certain numbers for a Challenge. I did hit 77.77 twice within 15 rolls the other day, but that gets me nothing unfortunately...
  18. I imagine that would be very useful for a lot of players. I believe that would be more helpful than trying to explain it in text, looking forward to seeing the results.
  19. That is not a bad way to go. If I may ask, have you been able to be profitable without ever making a deposit?
  20. My favorites are horror, comedy, and thrillers, though I cannot remember any good horror movies made recently.
  21. That is also true. Losing is to be expected when the house edge is against us. That does not necessarily make us losers, it just makes us like 90% of all people on earth.
  22. It can definitely be very hard to make any decent amount relying just on rains. I would recommend making a deposit if you want to make any decent amount at all.
  23. Exactly the way we should all look at it. We must not play with what we cannot afford to lose. A decent profit can be made with virtually any amount, as long as we make plans and stick to our goals.
  24. I would say in general that for the most part those that continue to lose large amounts are either playing too aggressively, or maybe don't know how to properly play. Also, they may not completely understand how the game works. If someone plays smartly and has plans/goals, there should be no reason to constantly lose. They still will not win all the time, but can have ups and downs, making some good profits along the way.