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  1. I agree that the seed is definitely a big factor, and a good seed can make a lot of profit if one is being used that has a lot of good results for the strat you are playing. Ultimately though, I believe the biggest factor is just being lucky. Since everything is random, I think luck combined with good timing and seed is a big factor, but it all comes down to luck.
  2. My objectives for this year are to continue to move up in VIP rank, and also to work at getting my negative stats back toward the green. The last few months were rough for me, so my goal is to turn it around.
  3. Things change from time to time, and they always will. I don't see this as the end coming for PD. Prime Dice is here to stay and will always be around, just because things change doesn't mean they are closing down.
  4. I check my VIP progress from time to time, but I am one that plays for profit. The VIP perks are just an added bonus. Once I get close to leveling up I will concentrate more on achieving the next level, but until then it is more about winning.
  5. It took me quite a while to get to VIP level, but only because I didn't concentrate much on it and didn't play a whole lot for a while. Once I put my mind to it I was able to complete it pretty quickly. I managed to wager almost 1 btc with only a 100k balance, but was playing extremely risky strats and it paid off.
  6. I tend to be a bit stubborn when it comes to hunting. In most cases I end up hunting either until I hit it or bust. Sometimes I'll stop before bust and try to recover, but not usually...
  7. Best of luck if you choose to continue. It is surely doable with patience and discipline.
  8. I am exactly the same way. Using a script can be very dangerous if you don't understand how they work down to the smallest detail, so I do not have any desire to use one.
  9. It really does not effect my game when the price changes are so small.... like 10% or so and less. If it gets very volatile like it has on a few occasions in the past, going up and down 20% or more within a few days or a week then it can have a bit of an effect.
  10. The best strategy I have found is to change strategies often and only run them for short periods of time. House edge will almost always catch up if one strategy is used for too long. Change and adapt on the fly and always cash out once you reach your goal.
  11. For the most part it does seem that the forum has been pretty dead recently. Also, when it does get busier, it seems that the same topics get repeated over and over again because most folks don't take the time to see if something similar has already been posted. If I have a topic I'd like to cover, I'll search and see if anything similar has been written lately, so I will only post topics that have not already been posted about, which is rare these days.
  12. I will usually give them a try for an hour or two and see how my luck goes. There have been times where I have been able to complete the challenge within a few hours, other times it may take days depending on how much I play.
  13. I generally will only play for a couple of hours at a time. I believe my longest session was about 10 hours though when I was on a really hot streak...
  14. Pretty much everyone in my family, as well as a few friends, are gamblers. I have no problem with them knowing that I gamble, but I am not reckless about it. As far as introducing kids to it, that may be another story, although I was introduced to it around 5 or 6 years of age.
  15. Yes, they definitely have one of, if not the biggest jackpot out there. Hitting it is almost impossible given the requirements and with it being self reported. I have hit some jackpots on sites, but nothing near what they offer here at PD.
  16. I really don't see PS straying away from just offering the best dice play there is. With Stake around to play the other games, PD has always prided itself on being the best dice site, and will continue to be just that. There is really no need to add other games when Stake is another great option.