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  1. That is some crazy betting there. Some nice wins but big losses also. I have never done well with 1.5x in the long run.
  2. I am the same way, as I don't pay attention to each roll number unless I am hunting certain numbers for a Challenge. I did hit 77.77 twice within 15 rolls the other day, but that gets me nothing unfortunately...
  3. I imagine that would be very useful for a lot of players. I believe that would be more helpful than trying to explain it in text, looking forward to seeing the results.
  4. That is not a bad way to go. If I may ask, have you been able to be profitable without ever making a deposit?
  5. My favorites are horror, comedy, and thrillers, though I cannot remember any good horror movies made recently.
  6. That is also true. Losing is to be expected when the house edge is against us. That does not necessarily make us losers, it just makes us like 90% of all people on earth.
  7. It can definitely be very hard to make any decent amount relying just on rains. I would recommend making a deposit if you want to make any decent amount at all.
  8. Exactly the way we should all look at it. We must not play with what we cannot afford to lose. A decent profit can be made with virtually any amount, as long as we make plans and stick to our goals.
  9. I would say in general that for the most part those that continue to lose large amounts are either playing too aggressively, or maybe don't know how to properly play. Also, they may not completely understand how the game works. If someone plays smartly and has plans/goals, there should be no reason to constantly lose. They still will not win all the time, but can have ups and downs, making some good profits along the way.
  10. This is where I would definitely say it can be offensive to our game. As long as we do it mostly for fun and maybe make a bit of extra crypto, or lose a little, I believe it is harmless. It is those that take it to a whole other level and play with what they cannot afford to lose that take it to an offensive level.
  11. I understand what you're getting at and it does make sense, but I would wager that 90% of players here will not be able to follow along with this.
  12. I have never really played with Doge either, so it has definitely taken some getting used to for me. Just kind of playing around with it for a bit and see how it goes here.
  13. I agree 100%. Trying to make a living gambling is impossible for 99% of the people out there, especially when you are only playing games of chance. Sports betting and poker are completely different types of gambling and I am sure we have all seen folks make very good livings doing one of the two, but not just from playing provably fair games.
  14. Do you use different strats with XRP than with other coins, or do you just play the same with higher base bets?
  15. I truly believe most of the players that are making big bets are taking calculated risks based on recent results. The vast majority are probably not just betting that big on a whim. I prefer to start off with small bets and work up to bigger bets from time to time based on results and intuition.