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  1. Not I, but that's normal.... lol
  2. Very nice Steve.... always giving back!
  3. Happy 6th Birthday Primedice! Lookin forward to many more years to come! PD username: CntryBoy
  4. Looking forward to it! Happy 6th Birthday PD!
  5. Good to see he can still be positive even after losing some of it back. It's always fun to read the success stories..
  6. I have noticed an awful lot of them, especially with the ERC-20 coins/tokens. You would think someone would do a bit more research to see if the code they want to use is already being used, and choose another accordingly.
  7. CntryBoy

    PDAX approved

    Great news for those in the Philippines, wish it was more readily available to us here.
  8. I would like to see an option for automatic stop on win. I know it can be done by entering high % in "on win" increase, but then the wager amount has to be re-entered to start over again, would just be more "user friendly" that way I guess.
  9. I agree with this completely, it may be very biased based on which countries were used. It would be interesting to see how the results change when someone gets paid and the next day, the value of the crypto they get paid in drops 25% overnight.
  10. I do play while at work from time to time, but it rarely ends well because I end up getting distracted by actual work and not paying enough attention to what I'm doing on dice...
  11. I seem to have the same types of results... grind and grind to get balance up. Then when a big bet is made with low multiplier, seems to lose more often than not.
  12. Here mine was around 2 mil I think, ended badly. From my experience, all in bets generally don't turn out well even with low multipliers.
  13. I just came back here after being gone a while. I love the simple interface and user friendly site, plus my luck here has been a bit better than other places...
  14. I change it just on gut feeling. Although I really don't think it affects much to be honest, just a mental thing.
  15. It has always been that way for me, as far as I know. After hitting stop, one more roll occurs just due to information transfer as mentioned.