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  1. Two chains, or will things go smoothly come August 1st? Curious what you all think.
  2. hahahahaha love the micro one, make more
  3. Thanks for sharing this Rack. As mentioned we've reported it, we will do as much as possible to block their advertising attempts.
  4. We've been considering adding Ethereum even dating back to the pre-sale. It will happen eventually but we aren't rushing to add other currencies.
  5. Haha, honestly if he had offered to return it I'm sure we would have let him keep it. Lucky him either way.
  6. Hey everyone! I've been lurking around lately but I thought I'd stick my head in around here and check out this awesome forum you've all got going. For those of you that don't know me I've been involved with bitcoin for quite some time and Primedice since day one. I'll be floating around and collecting content feedback and suggestions and will then work to bring them live.