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  1. I know his reason is not true he just want to try fool people to captive on his trap, he have a lots of guts posting here and ask for a loan after he didnt pay for his giveaway . Nice try abbas you really have a serious gambling addiction maybe you use your prizes on your giveaway then you lose all wellplayed! He will not pay you again trust me that guy @abbas50 has a serious gambling addiction!
  2. poker / sugal sa eSports haha mas nagssugal pa ko bumili ng items pantaya sa dota 2 kesa magdepo sa pd heheh kapag may perya samin color games naman haha
  3. its ok now vlad help me btw thanks for the response
  4. oh i thought this will be ok OR have an account from 2014 or earlier.
  5. ung napalago ko ung 50k satoshi to 0.0135 ng isang araw sabay papaabutin ko sana ng 0.02 kasi gusto ko magfoodtrip all day kinabukasan sabay sunodsunod na talo ko amp pangkakakain ko nalang nawala pa stuck tuloy sa bahay hahahah
  6. never lose hope congrats beslog
  7. lol even next year you will get 2018 nice to fool some people
  8. i already factory reset my phone because of some issues now i forget i added my 2fa enabled and delete the google authenticator app because of the wiped how can i back my 2fa ?
  9. i always saw him betting with a risk but he is really lucky congrats
  10. Username : Ticklemoney Joined date : 11.13.2014
  11. congrats to all the ms primedice candidates!
  12. ofcourse that's not a big reason to stop playing pd
  13. Welcome to primedice community @Adelina !
  14. hahah sige tol kelan ba uwi mo ulit?
  15. hindi tol malayo na un harap lang ako ng robinson imus, sayang nakabalik ka na pala sa macau papadis point ka sana dyan sa bacoor haha
  16. malapit lang ako sa robinson imus tol ikaw ba? nasa macau kana ngayon?