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    vabrida got a reaction from Dboyeric in What you hate in Primedice?   
    Dislike some who feels they are better than the rest, but we know them better than they know thyselves
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    vabrida reacted to Noeprellik1 in Before and after yolo   
    Before Yolo
    Heart beat 100BpS
    After Yolo
    If win , heart beat down to 50 BpS , cheering
    If lose, heart beat up to 150 BpS, shit what just I have done
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    vabrida got a reaction from UltraChief in The golden rules of Primedice Rains + common rain beggar messages   
    Pioop now tagged a terrorist
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    vabrida got a reaction from eleven011 in Primedice Chat: An Icon for Generous Tip/ Rain Giver   
    Nice observation K8
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    vabrida got a reaction from athena2007 in Banned user in PD   
    Good Lord... I dont know why you try to cheat and try to be a 'smartypant' as Sir Milan put it simply.
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    vabrida got a reaction from athena2007 in 🏆 [0.08 BTC] Roller Coaster Challenge   
    bet: 22,106,449,415
    bet: 22,106,449,653
    bet: 22,106,450,038
    bet: 22,106,450,236
    bet: 22,106,450,597

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    vabrida got a reaction from fabianabank in My Technic 990x to have easy profit - Faucet to 700k   
    thank you
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    vabrida got a reaction from dmbadillo10 in [Challenge] 30 Day Savings Challenge 👌💰   
    good one my dear friend
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    vabrida got a reaction from dmbadillo10 in [Challenge] 30 Day Savings Challenge 👌💰   
    Spammer DM hehe and I hope you wont have the burning urge to go back in there and roll it? Just only hoping
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    vabrida got a reaction from angelo69 in What are the benefits of gambling?   
    When most people talk about gambling, beneficial effects rarely come up in the conversation. Despite the fact that more than 1 billion people gamble each year (about 1/7 of the world’s population), there is a widespread belief that gambling is somehow sinful. Of course, this varies by religious teaching but among Christians the gambling stereotype has long been used to depict a major sin. Oddly enough, the Bible has nothing to say about gambling, although many people mistakenly believe that gambling is a sin.
    The Bible’s warnings about “loving money” more than “loving god” have nothing to do with gambling; a businessman who never gambles can love money. A poor person with no income can love money. So it is unfortunate that many generations of devout people have been misled into thinking that gambling itself is a sin.
    Of course, gambling has been the ruin of many a man — there is no doubt about that. Science has shown that gambling addiction is real because it causes severe changes to brain function and chemistry. People who cannot stop gambling truly cannot stop gambling and they need to seek help for their gambling addiction.
    To me, in simple honest understanding, gambling is something that is worthy and creditable to the human race.